Happy Birthday Aamir Khan: Heartthrob of Million Girls For Very Different and Yet Valid Reasons!

Happy Birthday Aamirkhan

There are all sorts of actors in our Hindi Cinema Industry.

Some are loved for their looks, some for purely their charm, some for their body and some of them are completely admired for their work and performances in the industry.

We have a prominent name in our industry, who is admired for a different reason from all of the above.

Aamir Khan! 

Yes, he is a heartthrob of million female fans across the globe, but for a very different reason.

Ask me what is that?

Well, first of all A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the star and we wish him a great career going forward, and we really hope that we get to see some real good path breaking cinema with his presence in the industry.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Now let’s come to the real reason why Aamir is loved by so many of the opposite sex. Well, undoubtedly he is cute, good looking, and possesses a fairly sexy body to be drooled over for the obvious reasons. Yet, he is most widely loved, admired and respected for the VALUES HE POSSES which he has portrayed on and off the screen many a time.

MORALS AND VALUES! Rare qualities to find in people, especially in an industry where actors are expected to do just about anything right from dancing at weddings to impromptu jigs. This man stands for his dignity and pronounces it well too.

Aamir is also one of the few and foremost filmmakers who started casting people purely on the basis of their character and talent. Unlike many others who would just go by the charisma and popularity of the prevalent breed.

Alongside his accolades in the Cinema Industry, he is also known as a very inspiring human being too. His television show “Satyamev Jayate”, brought out many women oriented issues such as rape, acid attacks, child marriage, girl education etc. that need society’s immediate attention. Not only that, he personally worked with some of the women’s organisations, on the ground, to bring the results to the questions posed in his own show. This defines his integrity with his words, that he not only speaks upfront, but also believes in profound action. He stood for women rights in the nation! I simply love this man for this single reason itself.

satyamev Jayate

satyamev Jayate

The way he condemned AIB’s Roast purely on the grounds that he cannot be a part of a personal joke made on someone just to have some laughs at the cost of their dignity and respect in the society, clearly portrays as much he respects himself, he upholds others on the same pedestal.

AIB Roast

AIB Roast

How many such men do we have in Hindi Film Industry today, or our society as a whole?

Well, I would say that rather than just running after shallow bodybuilders and cute faces, we need to look up to such people who are determined to BE THE CHANGE, rather than just asking for it. He is undoubtedly doing a laudable job, knowing well that the profession that he is in, he has far greater chances of being heard far and wide.

We are with you Aamir. And you are OUR REAL HERO for all the good reasons.

A very happy birthday to you again, and many more to come.

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