Grand Masti makes a grand opening

Even though the adult comedy is offensive to a lot of people (women, especially), it has been doing roaring business at the BO.

Even though the adult comedy is offensive to a lot of people (women, especially), it has been doing roaring business at the BO. What does it tell about our society? In a day and age when we are trying hard to stop objectify-ing women, comes a movie that is hell bent on treating women like commodities. And what is funny is that even men will find the movie offensive on some levels as the plot clearly tells you how men can’t think beyond getting into someone’s pants.

The Riteish Deshmukh, Viveik Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasni-starrer made a whopping Rs 25 cr on its opening day, which has made it the fourth highest opening of this year. With over Rs 40 cr expected over the weekend, the movie is going to have a bumper run for sure. Trade analysts are pegging it at Rs 53 cr this week with it having a stupendous run in single screens.

Why do we enjoy watching such tasteless, crude sex movies that are so in-you-face that you cringe in the theater, even if you have come expecting such content. And when you see married men behaving like sex-starved collegians, you don’t know what to make out of it. Even my guy friend, who was too excited to watch this flick, didn’t seem to be laughing. He found the jokes mediocre and lame. There were no hoots, catcalls or mad clapping from him. He was, in fact, yawning throughout the movie. So, who enjoyed this movie?

Let me make it very clear that I am not against adult-humour. I am quite a fan of the American Pie series and do enjoy a non-veg joke. But Grand Masti, with zero plot, absolute caricatures and lazy dialogues, was one big disappointment for me. When the original ‘Masti’ came out in 2008, it became a superhit because it was the first time such a bold film was coming out. But this time around, the curiosity is lacking…yet the movie is making big bucks. HOW?

If we don’t stop playing up a woman’s sexuality, how will the crimes against them come down? By making women as desirable objects (the magic word being ‘objects’), we are telling the world that it’s okay to lust after them and not respect them. That they are to be looked on as a means of entertainment and not admired for their smartness or beauty. By calling them ‘Rose Mary Marlo’, we have not come of age. We are telling the world how backward and stupid we are.

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