These Answers Will Tell You What It’s Like To Meet Alia Bhatt!

Fan Moment With Alia Bhatt

Fan Moment With Alia Bhatt – Alia Bhatt is a star kid who proved that she can act.

Her cute looks has won million hearts around the world and her acting has done the same thing. You know; many will agree that she is a star kid who is talented and can act in movies. No doubt, she makes a Bollywood movie worth watching.

One can say, that until now she has chosen some great scripts. Maybe that’s the reason she has an amazing fan-following. Be it on Twitter or Instagram, her FANS are many. On Instagram, she has 18. 2 Million Followers. It’s obvious, that her FANS wants to meet her in person as well. Are you her fan? Do you wish to meet her someday? You do, right? I’m sure that many will agree that she’s sweet & a kind-hearted person. The way she gives interviews says it all. But, the question that remains is, how is her behavior with her FANS when she meets ‘em Face-to-Face? Ever thought about it? So you did? Okay then these Quora answers will answer your “what it is like to meet Alia Bhatt?”.

Here we go Fan Moment With Alia Bhatt –

Certified Posture Specialist says “I’ve met Alia and trained her in Pilates. She is smart, hard-working and funny. She has a lot of enthusiasm to learn. Now I suggest you work on getting into shape in case YOU ever meet her (she will beat you in Pilates)! Alia is super fit and very body aware. She has pretty awesome posture too.”

Heer Ahlawat says “She is just like any other sweet, well mannered, cheerful girl. Alia is very approachable. At least in closed social settings I have met her in, she doesn’t have an aura of arrogance around her and doesn’t ignore people. That is unlike most 90s actresses or a certain British dame. All in all, Alia is just another 20-something happy girl who has found her calling and is making the most of her life.”

Sunita Sharma says “I have not met, but my cousin sister is in college and she had visited Jai Hind College during the festival and she says Alia is the most chilled out Bollywood Celebrity one could have. She is very friendly and no attitudes of a heroine and very sober she was there for a very long time anyone could have.”

Fan Moment With Alia Bhatt : So these answers prove that Alia Bhatt is a very down-to-earth person. It seems, whenever you’ll meet her, it’ll be the happiest day of your life. All the readers out there, have you ever met her? Would you like to share your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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