Exposing ‘˜The Xpose’ : The Movie Review

Traditionally, suspense thrillers are considered to be a good bet at box-office. The Xpose is no different, despite the presence of Himesh Reshammiya!

Traditionally, suspense thrillers are considered to be a good bet at box-office. The Xpose is no different, despite the presence of Himesh Reshammiya! Yes, the man who came to limelight crooning from under a cap, covering not only his head but most of his face, gives an OK kind of performance given the subject and the kind of movie this is. That’s actually a bearable, pleasant surprise for sure!!

Recreating the film-industry of late 60’s, the movie has all the required elements of being a masala pot-boiler. Swanky mansions of superstars, over the top performances of lead actors, sex, glamour and everything that can be considered cool of those times, is used by director Ananth Mahadevan to make the movie as authentic as possible. Alas, what remains missing is the suspense or the thrill!

Himesh plays a super-cop turned superstar, Ravi Kumar. Guess, becoming a superstar must be his ultimate dream and this movie would have been his best chance to experience the feeling, even if in the fake surroundings of a film set. Anyways, coming back to the movie, industry’s top-rated heroine, Zara (played by Sonali Rout) has deep-rooted sinful desires of seducing Ravi and possessing him forever. But to her utter disappointment, Ravi is madly in love with a newbie and Zara’s staunch competitor, Chandni (played by Zoya Afroz).

At a lavish filmy party where who’s who of the industry is present, Zara is found murdered. Everyone present at the party becomes a suspect and there begins a chase game to solve the mystery. As if Himesh himself wasn’t enough to evoke laughter with his trying-too-hard-to-act attempt, he is joined by Yo Yo Honey Singh, playing who else, but a talent-less singer of the masses. Still wondering what made Yo Yo try to act? He is doing fairly good for himself as a singer and no matter what controversies he keeps sweeping into, his catchy numbers and popularity is definitely on a roll. Better, he sticks to doing what he is good at.

The boldness factor in the film is simply borrowed from the yesteryear movies which were path-breaking. The heroine’s wet-sari-without-a-blouse shot is such a clear lift from Satyam Shivam Sundaram, it would have been much better if sensuality would have been shown in a novel way, consistent with the contemporary times. If the actress was bold enough for that scene, she would have surely been comfortable with anything or something more on the same lines! Ahem Ahem

There was however one relief for the audiences. Himesh had worked really hard on toning down his body and is looking much reduced compared to his earlier appearances. Thanks to his efforts, audiences are spared from watching more of him!

But being Himesh Reshammiya, he surely knows how to test the audiences’ patience. There are rumors of making the sequel of this movie and, hold your breath, Himesh himself donning the director’s cap!        

Lets all pray for sanity to prevail and hope some talents remain, un-Xposed, forever!!

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