Dirty Politics: Mallika Sherawat Gets Dangerously Dirty With Her Ghaghara!!

Mallika Sherawat in dirty politics

This song ‘Ghaghara’ is from the dirtiest movie ever that was released yesterday called ‘Dirty Politics’. Starring all the well-acclaimed actors and Mallika Sherawat this film drew serious controversy right since when the first poster of this trash was released.

Some films are just made for the heck of grabbing eyeballs. Oh yes, when Mallika is dangerously shaking she definitely is grabbing the eyeballs.

The step is horrendous especially at the line – mere ghaagre ke liye ghamassan machi hain.

The step is some weird style of cleaning the floor just that you don’t bend completely. As if when the bai (maid) has to put the pocha (clean the floor) it is exactly the same movement. You just need to imagine the floor rose up so that you don’t have to bend completely.

Also there is a back cleaning process. I mean, seriously from where do they even come up with such steps?

Also don’t miss the brilliant reaction of Om Puri at 1:33.

The lyrics are as senseless as the entire video. In one paragraph the line goes something like this:

‘Lipte rahengey tere tan se…tu hume ghagra bana le’

Mallika Sherawat, I would sincerely advice you to contact the directors from the Bhojpuri industry as it is one industry that can make optimum utilization of your skills.

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