Dharam Sankat Mein – When Your Religion Becomes Your Identity!!

Imagine you are born as a Hindu and one fine day you realize you belong to another religion say Islam. As an idealist we say that all religions are same and we might even celebrate every occasion.

But to think of it if a person is used to going to a temple would find it extremely shocking when he would be obliged to read Quran. A girl wearing a ‘burqa’ all her life suddenly discovers that she is a Hindu; would she be fine wearing a saree?

Such is the case with ‘Dharam Pal’ played by Paresh Rawal in the upcoming movie Dharam Sankat Mein

The trailer of the film talks about the identity crisis of Dharam Pal when he discovers that he was born to a Muslim but was raised as a Hindu.

In this movie Naseeruddin Shah is going to be playing the character of Neel Anand Baba.

Don’t be surprised if this film also has to face the ban. After ‘OMG – Oh My God’ and ‘PK’ this is another satirical take on the religion and philosophy in India.

More than anything it is the ideology that is in question.

Is it a big deal to get accustomed to a different religion? Actually even if you aren’t much of a religious fanatic this religion shift would still give you an equal amount of stress.

Our country gets very sensitive when it comes to religion. In the name of faith people, organizations, parties, etc. carry out various religious politics.

This film comes in the wake of the ‘ghar-wapasi’ news. The mass conversion of many communities to Hinduism, ban on beef-eating, etc. have been making headlines.

Every party in power is linked to favor a community. When the Congress was in power the Muslim community was considered to be their biggest vote bank. Now with the Modi Govt. the extreme right-wing thoughts of Hindutva had been doing the rounds.

In a country of diverse cultures we are struggling to keep the peace. This movie is sure to challenge that same thought process and how religion has divided the country.

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