How Does NRIs India Look Like? A Reality Check!


NRIs – Non-resident Indians!

This highly influential category of Indians is responsible for not only remitting millions of dollars back home every year, but also play a major role in shaping up India’s perception in front of the global community.

Obviously the politicians do what they have to do; these NRIs work at the ground level to make an impression.

However, what they project is what they believe about India and there comes the scary part. Yes, these Indians were born in India or they have been born abroad and been visiting India on a regular basis may be once or twice a year, but their knowledge about the real India, its culture, its day to day evolution is very limited. The major source of their knowledge is either Hindi movies or newspapers that they read. Apart from that, the interaction with the local population that is comprised of their extended families, friends, etc. helps them to make an opinion about the country.

Do you know what an average NRI thinks about India?

According to them, India is this exotic third world country that had a golden history, but is currently in shambles! When they visit India, they are mesmerized by the thought of old India, while criticizing the new one! How confusing is that, right? Not only this, even the language barriers are such that they feel confused about. For most of them who migrated decades ago, Hindi, Punjabi or any other regional language still has that beauty and they use words that the new generation of Indians living in India hardly speaks! Same goes about the cultural changes, women empowerment, matters of marriage and sex, etc.

The Changes That Occurred

India has changed massively in the past almost two decades in not only the lifestyle, but also the thought process. It may not be what developed nations are made of, but we are on our way there. However, we may or may not become like how developed nations are. Instead, ours is a different journey wherein we are imbibing the best and worst of western civilization and mixing it with our own inherent culture resulting in some kind of a mixture most people are not able to decipher! NRIs are no different lots. Despite being Indians, they are not in touch with day to day life of India and Indians and hence they no longer know the real India that is changing really fast!

They Are Not Idiots

It doesn’t mean they are fools or ignorant kinds, but their perception is flawed due to less exposure about the ground realities. The only fear this thought process generates is that since they are the ambassadors of our country, their half-knowledge can work against us, despite their best intentions!

All we can hope is that these highly successful NRIs, who have transformed their lives by moving abroad and are helping their motherland with money power as well as soft power of human touch, should not harm our interests by their old-school thoughts or awareness about the country!

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