Decoded Deepika’s Beauty Regime That Makes Her Skin Glow Like A Disco Ball !

Deepika beauty regime

Deepika beauty regime The heart throb of all the men out there Deepika.

Deepika Padukone the stunning gorgeous actress has made her debut in Farah Khan’s most prestigious film ‘Om Shanti Om’ for which this amazing actress received acclaims and also the Film fare award for the ‘Best Debut Female’. The film in which she shared the screen space with King Khan of Bollywood that struck into a huge blockbuster.

Hailing from an athletic family, she followed the path of her hard work, perseverance that put her to the place that she desired for. From Om Shanti Om to the yet to be released Padmaavat, the actress has been through a lot of ups and downs – yet maintained the charm, remained strong never fearing obstrucles.

Ever wondered what exactly could be the beauty regime of this leggy actress that has shinny and lustrous skin all the time. Well, the Deepika beauty regimes is decoded here. Take a look.

Deepika beauty regime –

  1. Water is the key

Deepika’s beauty regime starts with taking lots and lots of water, which flushes out all the toxins from the body. Drinking water is the best option that anyone can opt, instead of drinking artificial made juices and drinks that are of no good to health nor the skin.

  1. Eat right

Follow the proper diet by eating the right healthy food. This amazing actress makes sure that seasonal vegetable and fruits are included into her diet. Taking the seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet is extremely beneficial as they add more goodness to your health.

Deepika beauty regime

  1. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing

It is always very important to start the day with the regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. Follow this regime for three times a week and see the skin getting an even tone all over and with very few breakouts.

Deepika beauty regime

  1. Coconut oil for hair

Nothing is as good and effective to the hair like the coconut oil. Deepika Padukone maintains an healthy and silky hair by option for a hot coconut oil, instead of chemical treatments.

  1. Steam bath and massage

Steam bath and hot oil massage are extremely soothing to the body. Try them out at least twice a month and feel the nerves getting relaxed, staying cool and calm.

Deepika beauty regime

  1. Minimal makeup usage

A lot of think making is the secret, which makes the actress looking gorgeous with flawless skin all the time. Not really. The actress stays off from makeup, even ever she is away from the film shooting schedules. Deepika also makes sure that she removes every trace of makeup on the skin before bed, which is followed by a deep moisturizer.

Deepika beauty regime

  1. Hit the gym

To flaunt a super-hot and sexy body, Deepika hits the gym. She maintains the super-hot and sexy body with rigorous workout sessions. The actress being a badminton player, does serious workouts like stretches, pilates etc.And just not the gym, she takes put various outdoor activities like trekking, adventure sports, scuba etc to stay active throughout the day.

Deepika beauty regime

These are Deepika beauty regime – Though nothing is possible overnight, consistent practice leads to attaining flawless skin.  Follow these simple, yet effective beauty regimes for the spotless shinny skin.

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