5 Things Common Between Sonam Kapoor And Uday Chopra!

A satirical take on Sonam Kapoor and Uday Chopra. Both have proven to be a drag on their parents’ legacy, wasting their money and spoiling their name.

You guys must be thinking what could probably be common between Sonam Kapoor and Uday Chopra except the fact that both belong to illustrious film-families and both are actors.

Well, don’t be fooled by obvious similarities.

Scratch the surface and you will be surprised to find that despite being from different eras and from different sensibilities, both of them share quite a few things.

Of course, nobody has been keen to point them out till now, that’s why we thought why not dissect their commonness just when Sonam’s latest flick, Khoobsurat has released.

Perfect timing you would say, right?

Anyways, let’s have a look at their striking similarities which have been hidden till now from the naked eye of the world!


1) Both have wooden expressions!

Well, the less said about their acting, dialogue delivery and body language, the better!

Despite doing so many movies and being a part of the film industry for almost 7-long-years, Sonam still can’t act. It is ok to be naïve and bit frozen in the initial part of career, but after working with some of the best known directors and actors, if one still doesn’t improve, it points to only one fact: She sucks at acting!

Even her latest film, Khoobsurat proves that she can screw up any project worthy of its subject!

Can anything different be said about the scion of Yash Raj Films?

He has been around for longer, so long that even dinosaurs must be looking like tiny tots in front of him. May be even they would have learnt acting by now, but for Uday, acting is still alien to him!

2) They care about everything except acting!

Uday has been known to pump up his body and being a gym-rat!

So much so that may be he forgot his dad’s advice (Yash uncle must have told him that acting is done from heart and face, not biceps and thighs!!) and focused only on his calf muscles and throbbing biceps!

May be he must have thought that when on screen, looking so broad, he would be able to garner bigger part of the screen, stealing attention away from his co-actors!

Silly boy!

As far as Sonam is concerned, she has focused on clothes! Well, we all know darling that wearing clothes is important and for an actress it is important to look glamorous, but only clothes can’t act!

There is something called face which needs to have right expressions at the right time to be an actress, isn’t it?

3) Both feed on their parent’s riches!

Now all those of you who feel that building one’s career on parents’ money is always justified, this is not for you.

For rest of you, it sucks to see two non-talented people being given a chance again and again and again to prove that they can act and entertain! We might never know how much money did Yash Raj Films lost in trying to build Uday’s career.

They could have made some sensible entertaining movies for their loyal audiences in the same budget.

Now, even Sonam is on the same path. Her sister Rhea Kapoor and dad Anil Kapoor produced a film for her, Aisha, which bombed terribly. It was only known for the fashionable clothes which we could have watched for free on Fashion TV!

Her latest, Khoobsurat, is again produced by her sister and dad and going by the reviews and feedback, this might also fall flat.

Why does she have to waste her parents’ hard-earned money?

Something better can be done with it, right?

4) Both are single!

Now this might be hitting below the belt, but the fact is they both are single despite being in the industry for so long! What could be the possible reasons? Sure, they did have their link-up rumors, but nothing substantial ever came out.

Is it because that even in real life, nobody wants to be with them?

Oops! That would have hurt real badly! But someone has to state the truth, the way it is! Come on, we are just the messengers of truth, you can’t blame us!

5) Both have a habit of putting their foot in their mouth!

Sonam is not new to controversies.

But then there are some interesting controversies and then there are some stupid ones. She clearly has a liking for the latter! Despite having achieved nothing on her own talent or worth, she does have the guts to call Aishwarya Rai, ‘Aunty from another generation’ or calling Shobha De, ‘a bad writer’!

Well, wouldn’t it be better if she first achieve an iota of what these ladies achieved, entirely on her own with no family backing and then point fingers at them?

Impossible for her, we guess!

As for Uday, he probably made the funniest statement of the year when he declared that he is retiring from acting!


Well, when was he working?

Is standing in a frame and mouthing lines in your daddy dear’s production called acting? God bless him!

Well, these were some of the similarities we found between them, in case you know more of them, do write to us!

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