Boxing Champion Turned Film Hero Vijender Singh Sold Train Tickets! Can You Believe It?

Vijender Singh’s journey from being a boxer to a Bollywood film hero! He has worked really hard to reach where he has reached but there are doubts about his acting skills. Just being famous and good looking is enough to be an actor?

Yes, this is a fact!

Not all journeys are filled with fun and frolic, some are extremely tough and sometimes extremely dull and boring as well.

Boxing champion, Olympics Bronze medalist, Vijender Singh’s journey has been a mixture of extreme difficulties combined with dull moments. But eventually what he achieved after sacrificing so much in life is an inspiration for everyone.

As a boxer who had won various championships, he got a job with Indian Railways and was posted in Jaipur for three long years. Those were the days of his struggle when he not only used to train himself for bigger battles in the ring but also work at the main railway station, selling tickets on the counter!

Just imagine a situation, a rough and tough boxer in the ring and a handsome looking ticket vendor at a boring place like railway station counter. If nothing, that surely gave those women buying tickets from him a moment of desire, lust and happiness. Only if railways can have good looking people selling tickets at the counter, their sales will sky-rocket, right? “winkwink”

Coming back to our champion, as he recalls those days while promoting his Hindi debut movie, Fugly, he fondly remembers that Jaipur days were something that gave him confidence about his looks. After getting oodles of attention from the women customers, he dreamed of becoming an actor someday. But it never interfered with his determination of following his first love, Boxing and winning medals for the country.

So after becoming a national hero, when an opportunity to act came his way in a Hindi flick, he jumped at it. Akshay Kumar didn’t have to convince him, he just had to ask and Vijender didn’t even think twice about the offer. That’s how he got his first break and is now sounding confident about doing a great job on his debut!

Vow, he does have confidence or is it over-confidence? Time will tell!

Movie isn’t released and he is sure of himself but we wonder if it is so easy to be an actor. Of course good looks are definitely a criterion but are those enough? We will come to know once the movie is released but one thing is for sure, given his credentials and his passion for hard work, we will see his 100% efforts.

Just as he has made our country proud in the international arena, we sincerely hope and pray that he succeeds in all his endeavors.

Vijender, keep us entertaining, both in and outside the ring!

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