Travel to These Places if You Are A Non-Drinker

Travelling is rewarding. It not only brings you to diverse cultures, but also lets you taste their indigenous cuisine, let alone liquor. For instance, if you visit Nagaland during Hornbill Festival that falls in February, you will get to taste their authentic rice beer. The carousers will leave no opportunity unused to taste the authentic liquors but there are people who have aversion towards it. The latter kind will seek destinations with cultures that don’t emphasize drinking, neither any loud nighttime activities for that matter. In a nutshell, those are the sober travelers and singling out the perfect holiday destination for them is fairly difficult. Here are, however some places you can consider to visit in case you don’t cotton to alcohol culture much:

Sri Lanka:

There are prevalent religious and cultural reasons behind them not drinking alcohol. So, you will feel a lot of peace as a sober traveler. Besides, the Muslim and Buddhist cultural stronghold ensures sobriety. You can enjoy a delectable range of local cuisine instead.


The delicious food, sights and views will seal the deal. There will be no requirement for alcohol to get you intoxicated. Although, you can catch crowds bustling over beer in local restaurants but you will have no waiters pursuing you to order alcohol.


Korea is known for its street food and you can indulge in them with your heart’s content. The travelling experience will be no less than a fairytale because of the nighttime markets that remain open until the wee hours of the morning selling almost anything in hilariously cheap prices. The restaurants and cafes remain open 24 hours but there is so much more to do than drinking so relax!


The main draw of Los Angeles is that it inundates you with healthy food. You can hike and surf in Malibu, play Beach Volleyball or take a romantic stride across the famous Manhattan beach. Best, you can also cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway. So, rest assured, you won’t get much drunkards swarming the street.


Even though it is famous for being a party island, Santorini is not a place for drunkards. You can have the time of your life here in the beaches, hikes, gyros and frappes. The whole town comes alive in the night, beaming with happy faces completely in their senses. The restaurants too remain open until dawn so you can probably sip coffee from a dreamy beach restaurant catching glimpses of the idyllic beaches.


The Muslim populace are repelled to drinking. Let me put it clearly, alcohol is available in Morocco but definitely not the part of their culture. Not even a single shop you will see advertising it as if it is no big thing. I am almost getting goosebumps here thinking about the maze-like cities, windy streets and the Sahara desert. You can instead enjoy varied types of coffee here rather than alcohol.

Awesomeness at their best, these places are paradisiacal for those non-drinkers.



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