Bollywood Is The Highest Paid Agent To The Rape Culture In India!


Reel life gets inspired from Real life!

This is what all producers unanimously exclaim whenever a finger is pointed at them for glorifying the ills of society. Their argument is that they are always showing what they see in the society. When it comes to horrible cases of rape and women exploitation, it is not part of any imagination, but real life stories fictionalised to convey a message to society at large!

Really? Do we all buy this point?

We, for sure, don’t agree with this explanation!

The reason being, rapes in India are being widely reported in mainstream media only for past few years after it started becoming less of a taboo. Mind you, rape is still a social taboo for most women and the percentage of women who have the courage to report a rape is still miniscule. However, the rape scenes depicted in Hindi movies are being shown since decades if not from the first film itself!


If in the 60’s and 70’s villains like Prem Chopra and Ranjeet made their name with multiple rape scenes in their different movies, 80’s and 90’s were ruled by villains like Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover. The trend still continues and there are lots of known-unknown villains who are part of lavishly shot rape scenes!


The concern is the impressionable minds and the ones who relate cinema with reality consider it normal for a man to overpower woman when they see such scenes in movies. For them, that’s what a woman is all about: an object to be enjoyed for a man’s sexual gratification on a power trip!

It doesn’t matter what happens later in the movie whether the villain gets killed or the hero takes revenge!

This is for the simple reason that in real life, we don’t see any hero flying in the air and kicking villain’s ass. Even the judicial system doesn’t work fast and genuinely to punish the culprits. For a common man, the impression remains that overpowering a woman is cool, it looks stylish and that no one will be able to get hold of him!

This is a scary situation because movies are supposed to entertain, but not at the cost of degrading women or objectifying them. If the “message” that producers-directors are trying to give gets lost in translation, then the whole act of rape in a movie becomes just a titillating experience instead of bringing awareness about such a horrible event!

We really wish the film-makers show more sensitivity and responsibility while handling such a delicate issue. They owe it to the society who pays to watch their films and make them successful! Or else Bollywood will never be able to shed the tag of earning millions by promoting the rape culture!

If you guys want any proof of how films have glamorised Rape Culture In India, you can watch it by clicking the following link!

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