Bollywood Exes Who Could Come Back With a Vengeance

A hot piece that delves on layers that could unfold if exes started interfering back again! Bollywood couples who once were and now are someone else’s in parts’”beware!

Idle afternoons are often the best time for crooked thoughts.

Just before typing this out, my mind hovered over the madness that could unfurl if exes of Bollywood stars chose to wreck havoc on the big days of the other!

In that case, we list a number of ex-couples who could choose to cause issues on the upcoming D-Day or big moments of their ex-GFs or BFs.

Deepika Padukone-Ranbir Kapoor– This is one couple that wins the numero uno rank hands down! In fact, with talks of the upcoming wedding of Ranbir Kapoor with Katrina Kaif, perhaps Deepika could regain her long lost love by causing a smatter at the wedding, what could that mean for us? Well, loads of gossip and immense clicks for the media.  While we barely know if Bollywood’s Barbie Katrina will battle even as much as an eyelid! Atleast, by us,  she seems plastic enough to barely understand that Ranbir must have had it big time for Deepika. Now now, we are not necessarily evil. We are imagining things to spice the summer heat up!

Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor– While it seems even that Kareena dumped Shahid, and has been settled perfectly well into her Nawabi housed, there could be jitters that Shahid feel on his big moments. After all, not having a consistent date or a girlfriend and with his rumored cruses such as Vidya Balan getting hitched, he must definitely feel lonely at times! What if Shahid barges into the Saifeena mansion someday and demand and explanation? Will Bebo recall her MMS days with Shahid or will she hold on to Khan? Imaginations on a high!

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu— We still cannot decided which of the two could qualify as more prone to barge mess into the other’s life. In case, it is John, he could still win the battle against Harman Baweja!  That is to obvious, silly. However, when it comes to Priya Runchal and Bips competing, the Bong babe has chances to seduce back her handsome hunk of an ex.

Karishma Kapoor-Abhishek Bachchan—A well-known love story wrecked to slaughter due to interfering parents—that is what we made of this classic romance after long. In fact, the present day equation between the two ex-love birds is worse than the freezer temperature! So we barely think if either could walk in to wreck havoc to the other’s lives. But still, what is the harm in wondering. Lolo is very much single and every bit as slim and lovely as he met her. Aishwarya is now becoming equivalent to aunties, as said by thumb in mouth Sonam Kapoor.

The sizzling gossip mills could never overflow if these imagining became reality.

Bollywood bites and real hard at that! 

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