These 5 Things Will Help You Propose The Guy You Love

Propose The Guy You Love

How to propose the guy you love – It’s rare but it happens, a lot of girls like to propose the guy they fall for.

After all, she has all the rights in this world to do so if the guy isn’t taking any initiative, right? So, are you one of them? If yes, then you go girl because you really have the guts to do something that others cannot.

On that note, you really need some tips before you go ahead and propose the guy you love.

Here, are a few of them – how to propose the guy you love:

  1. Make sure he is not seeing someone else

If you are going to take this bold step, you really need to make sure that the guy you are going to propose is not seeing someone else. This is just to save yourself from embarrassment because you don’t want to listen ‘I love someone else’ when you propose him.

  1. Make sure he is attracted towards you

I know it’s not easy for you to figure out but you have to make sure that he is slightly attracted towards you. You can judge it with the amount of attention he gives you or his behavior towards you. Once you are sure about his attraction towards you, it will be great.

  1. Be confident

Listen to the stories where girls succeeded in proposing guys and they lived happily ever after or anything that will make you confident. Just gain as much confidence as you can because you only get one shot.

  1. Be straight forward

Don’t talk about things that don’t matter because it will shift your focus and you might end up dropping the plan. Just be straightforward and tell him that you love him in simple words.

  1. Hold your emotions

Don’t just start crying or do any silly thing while proposing him because that will make you feel that it’s not worth doing. Just hold your emotions be strong and go for it. I am sure, he will fall for that confidence and will not be able to say no.

These are the ways to propose the guy you love. So, if you are going to propose him now, all the best to you. I must say that the guy is very lucky because she has got a girl who doesn’t wait for

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