Best Moments At The Star Guild Award

Star Guild Award hosted by Salman Khan was way better than Filmfare and the Screen awards. Apart from the performances and awards, it was Bhai who truly rocked the evening. Check out a few moments that we enjoyed.

Star Guild awards (earlier called the Apsara Awards) were Sunday night’s highlight. We saw TV stars and the entire film fraternity celebrate their work at a common podium. This indeed is the awards season and a lot has been happening on television every weekend.

We have seen Priyanka and Ranbir host filmfare (yawn) and do a rather shoddy job at the same. The nominations and the winner too seemed not-so-deserving. We even did a piece on it last week click here to read it. Filmfare was glamorous but lacked the oomph that it is famous for.

As far as screen went, it was hosted by SRK. The nominations and the winners were well deserved (at least compared to Filmfare they were). SRK did just a fair job at hosting the show, although it looked like LifeOk was using the platform to promote the brand name more that celebrate cinema.

Last night at the Star Guild Awards, we saw Salman Khan host the show. He did a good job at it. He kept everyone entertained single headedly, we loved his energy and presence of mind, making it look very impromptu and chatty. We pen down a few moments that made the show such a hit. No points for guessing, Salman was the star at the show.

The great hug
When Salman and Shahrukh attend a same event at one time, it makes news. The awards had a lot of times when the two actors shared the stage but there seemed less awkwardness there. They hugged and Salman said that they gave media another set of stories to write. Salman also made SRK give specific reactions for the press to catch! Salman and his eternal love for media. We like!

Deepika’s 200cr club documentary
While the show was going on Salman stoped and said he was distracted as he was watching Deepika walk in. He cracked a few obvious jokes about how she is sitting next to Ranveer Singh. The crowd went berserk when Salman said, “Rumours suggest that If Deepika were cast in a documentary film, even that film would do a business of Rs. 200 crore!”

Bakwaas Saal
Salman called the year 2013 a Bakwaas year as he did not have any releases in the year. We have to check twice as it very unlike him.

Sharbat with Salman
Sunday nights are dedicated for Karan’s Koffee with Karan, but this Sunday we saw Salman grill KJo on his improvised show named Sharbar with Salman. He asked KJo why isn’t he married yet, to which KJo replied. “I am also a virgin, technically!” Adding to this he also said that he would explain what technically meant, only backstage! Best of Sharbat with Salman was:

Salman: “Agar aapko ladki banne ka vardaan mile toh kaunsi heroine banna chahogey?”
KJo: ‘Aishwarya Rai’
Salman: ‘Why?’
KJo: ‘You shouldn’t ask why!’

Sunny ki Saree
During teh show there was a time when Salman called Sunny Leone on stage and said that they had two minutes to kill as there was some issue with the lighting. Sunny then tried to teach Salman how to tie a saree. She failed at it and Salman tried helping her. Salman on this commented ‘Kya kamaal ka stunt kiya hai aapne’! Further on he added ‘Jaise saree pehenne mein madat ki, saree utaarne mein bhi madad karoon?’ Sunny played along as a good sport and said that it would be her wish come true!

In terms of awards The Star Guilt awards was just another award but what made the night such a hit was Salman and his amazing sense of humour.

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