Arijit Singh VS Atif Aslam: An Exciting Faceoff..!!

Arijit Singh vs Atif Aslam

When it comes to India Vs Pakistan be it any form of competition the excitement is always high.

So not only cricket matches have great face-offs but the thrill is the same even when it comes to singing.

Now there is an ever lasting debate on whether India has the better singers or Pakistan? Well we don’t mean to start a war here but a healthy competition is always welcomed..! 

Arijit Singh VS Atif Aslam

 1.  No. of Songs:

Arijit Singh – 91 Songs  Vs Atif Aslam – 29 Songs

Arijit Singh vs Atif Aslam


2.  No. of Fans:

Arijit Singh – 10 million Likes on Facebook Page – No official a/c on twitter but the fan club a/c has 44k followers.

Atif Aslam – 16 million Likes on Facebook Page375k followers on twitter.

Arijit Singh vs Atif Aslam


3.  Amount Charged:

Arijit Singh – 13 lacs for a movie song & 40-80 lacs for a Concert.

Atif Aslam – 7.5 lacs for a movie song & 10-15 lacs for a Concert.

Arijit Singh vs Atif Aslam


4.  Awards Won:

Atif Aslam-15 awards Vs Arijit Singh 16 awards

Arijit Singh vs Atif Aslam

So the overall the summary is that Arijit has sung more number of songs and is worth more in terms of money but Atif certainly makes a mark when it comes to achievements and hardcore fan following.

After all they both are excellent singers/artists and deserve every bit of love that they are getting from their fans.

But the reason why Atif has sung less No. of songs is because not only he was tied in a contract with Tips but also he being from Pakistan is a major reason behind it.

So do you think Atif would have been a BIGGER singer if he had been from India?

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