Omg! Akshay Kumar Left His Indian Citizenship For Another Country

Akshay Kumar who left Indian citizenship

Akshay Kumar who left Indian citizenship !

Yes, you heard it right because that actually is the truth.

Our very own Akshay Kumar who has given us one after another patriotic hit movie has left Indian citizenship to get the citizenship of another country, Akshay Kumar who left Indian citizenship.

Any idea which country was more special to him than India?

Well, it’s CANADA!

Akshay Kumar who left Indian citizenship has confessed earlier that he is in love with Canada and he got the citizenship after he got a doctorate from The University of Windsor. This is what he had to say about it “I have a strong affiliation with Canada and also have dual citizenship. It’s a place that I really love—the open terrain, the scenery, the wide roads and the clean streets. It’s the complete contrast of my homeland, although I love India for all the opposite reasons and it’s my home. I was honoured with a doctorate degree from The University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, for my contribution to the Indian film industry and for my social work in Canada.”

Now, Akshay said in his statement that he has dual citizenship just to save his Indian fan base.

But I would like to clear the fact that India doesn’t accept dual-citizenship. That means, he has given up his Indian citizenship for Canada and is no more an official citizen of India. He said that Canadian government offered him a citizenship so he accepted it. What if the Pakistan government gives any of the Khans citizenship offer?

Will they accept it?

In fact, Shahrukh Khan got the offer and he didn’t heed to it.

At one point you are making movies and videos showing how big of a patriot you are and on the other hand, you are taking up Canadian citizenship.

What does that mean?

The way he said he loves the open terrain, clean roads and the scenery which is totally in contrast with his homeland, what did that mean? We understand India is comparatively less clean and full of chaos than other countries but that is the place where he was born and where he got his fame.

Now, if he didn’t care about that, he really didn’t deserve to keep his Indian citizenship.

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