Akshay Kumar’s Soft Corner For Women Takes Interesting Turn!

This is about Akshay Kumar’s new initiative, Women’s Safety Defense Centre in Mumbai. It is with collaboration with Aditya Thackeray giving free self-defense coaching to women.

Akshay Kumar is a changed man!

Yes, the Akshay Kumar, our very own Akkii, who we knew as a Casanova, a lover boy, has vanished into thin air. He is replaced by the new compassionate Akshay Kumar who understands his social responsibilities and has taken a step forward to bring change in the society in his own small but potentially effective way.

We are talking about his recently launched initiative, Women’s Safety Defense Centre, in Mumbai with Aditya Thackeray of Shiv Sena. The first batch will commence from 29th June and will provide free coaching to women in self-defense. In the given grim scenario across the country, where women’s safety is being compromised every passing minute, a programme like this is the need of the hour to equip women appropriately where they can take care of their own safety.

One of the interesting things about this programme is that it doesn’t require women to wear a specific uniform or some particular kind of clothes. They can be comfortably clad in what they usually wear. And that is the objective too. To be ready to fight-back in whatever attire they are in. Hence, they would be taught various defense techniques in their normal day-to-day clothes which they wear at their work or while going out for chores. Even better is that Akshay himself will sometimes be taking the classes as a teacher! Now that will be like a perk for all the participants, isn’t it? Learning something worthwhile from a heartthrob hunk!

Well, It is good to know that our Bolly town stars are taking up issues to help fellow citizens and pay back to the society that offered so much of love, name and fame. Akki is in fact in talks with various national leaders to spread this programme across the country, on a more frequent basis so that more and more women can be benefitted. He started off with Aditya Thackeray due to the latter’s enthusiasm for such a noble effort instead of any political ambitions. Hope the initiative keeps away from political games and stays true to its genuine objectives!

The next step is to create awareness amongst women about this initiative so that they can register themselves and start getting the training as soon as possible. Let us all pool in. Let us spread the word far and wide, and help our woman to learn the art of self-defense so they can safeguard themselves in a state of emergency.

With power comes responsibility and as an established big-time celebrity, Akshay has understood his duties quite well. This might sound like a small step in such a big and diverse country as ours, but indeed it is in the right direction. Hope it grows into a huge movement where every woman of the nation becomes a part of it and teaches a lesson to the rogue elements trying to tarnish her image or play with her dignity.

We sincerely applaud Akshay for his humane and brave efforts!

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