5 Frequently Made Errors You Should Avoid While Job Searching

We tell you about few frequently made errors while on a look out for a job. Read on!

It is quite humane to make mistakes when in need of something desperately. But it is also humane to rectify and not commit the same mistakes again. Every job searcher faces different challenges, but hiring managers see some of them over and over again. Chances are good that if you’ve been looking for a job, and are unable to get one, you’re making the same mistakes again and again. We tell you about few frequently made errors while on a look out for a job. Read on!

1. Aimless search

Agreed that you are looking for a switch desperately and the earlier you bag it, the better. But if you’re sending out resumes without knowing what your ideal job is, you’re wasting your valuable time. Don’t show interest in every opening you come across. Verify the company, job profile, salary, leaves and perks the company offers. This way you’ll have a more focused search and can create a goal oriented resume to match upto your preferred company.

2. Stressing over job applications

Employers don’t really care about you spending time tracking the hiring managers name or how much time did you spend making that cover letter. So, make sure you don’t put a lot of time into that. Your resume should be apt and attractive, but that does not mean you put all the colours of your colour palette on the resume. Don’t sweat the little stuff, rather put your energy into showing your qualifications and why you’d excel at the job.

3. Interviewing habits

For recruiters you’re one of the many or few applicants of the job. Nobody really cares if you were the general manager or sales manager previously. So assuming that you’re on a first name basis with your interviewers is a big no-no. Learn the appropriate body language and ways to address interviews so that you can always come across as a confident candidate.

4. No follow ups

The general tendency of candidates who’ve appeared in the interview is to wait for the employer’s call for the job offer. However, to make sure that you’re on the employer’s mind, send a follow up email to your interviewer that reiterates your eagerness to be hired. But don’t overdo it. Once after the interview is more than enough.

5. Assuming you have the job

Too often, candidates see good signs from an employer and take it as a yes, only to be crushed when the offer never comes. Not only does this lead to regular disappointment, but could also lead to you making wrong decisions in your career. While it is good to be positive about things, assuming that you have the job until you have a formal offer is something you should avoid.

There are a number of mistakes people make while conducting job search. But what matters in your career is your professional history. So, for an easier job search and better career, change your approach towards job search.

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