7 Bollywood Wives Who Did Small Roles In Their Star-Husband’s Movies


There are some Bollywood star’s wives who didn’t mind to do cameos in their hubby’s movies. From Reena Dutta to Twinkle Khanna to Avantika Khan they have a all shared screen space along with their husbands.

These star wives indeed are power house of talent as they not only have successful careers in what they are doing also they showed their acting skills by doing cameos in their husband’s movie.

Let’s have a look at some passing shots done by these Bollywood wives in the movies by-

  1. Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao as we know is best behind the camera. But many do not know that she did a very minuscule role for Aamir’s classic movie- Dil Chahta Hai. Her role was only for few seconds during the hotel check in scene.


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