#DavidMoyes: What Led To His Downfall At Manchester United?

With less than 12 months into his job, Scot David Moyes has been sacked by the higher authorities at Manchester United.

With less than 12 months into his job, Scot David Moyes has been sacked by the higher authorities at Manchester United. The writing was on the wall for Moyes who had a woeful year as the Reds boss and the successor to Sir Alex Ferguson. United are on course to record their lowest finish since 1990, when Ferguson’s team finished 13th at the end of the season.

A statement on the club website read: “Manchester United has announced that David Moyes has left the Club. The Club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.”

So what has led to his downfall? Wasn’t he the ‘Chosen One’? Or not. We find out the reasons that led to his crucifixion at Old Trafford:

Summer goofups:
After getting the hotseat at Manchester United, David Moyes vowed to spend big and attract the biggest names to the Old Trafford. The summer transfer window saw the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Leighton Baines and Cesc Fabregas being linked to Manchester United but in the end, Moyes ended snapping former Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini for 27.5 Euros.

Team tactics were woeful:
Whether the opposition or the home support, all in all Manchester United were largely originated with free-flowing, sublime football under the iconic Sir Alex Ferguson. But after Moyes’ arrival, supporters were largely discontent with they saw on the pitch which was negative and appalling. Due to such tactics, Manchester United looked a pale shadow of their former greats.

Defeats to local rivals:
Manchester United has never been so poor as this season showed why they are mid-table as they suffered crushing defeats to Liverpool and Manchester City. And to make matters worse, Moyes enraged his own supporters by suggesting after the City defeat that Citizens were a club United must “aspire to”.

Falling out with players:
Media reports in UK suggested that manager Moyes and star striker Robin van Persie had some indifferences between them. Furthermore, Moyes also fell out with England forward Danny Wellbeck after the latter suggested that he was considering his future at the club.

Defeats to Newcastle United and Everton were damning:
If losses to Liverpool and Manchester City were not enough, Moyes’ side were even upstaged by the likes of Newcastle United (first win since 1972) and Everton (first win since 1969-70) at Old Trafford this season. They also went on to lose to the likes of Swansea City (FA Cup), away to Stoke City and also lost their game against West Bromwich Albion at home.

Even though Manchester United are one of the elites in the world of football, the arrival of David Moyes was never a ‘perfect’ affair. The Scot may have been a well-known figure at Everton but Manchester United was always a big shoe to fill and Moyes unfortunately couldn’t do that. Finally, it’s #MoyesOut!

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