6 Fitness Mantras Of Your Fav Bollywood Stars Will Inspire You Too


Bollywood Actors and actresses have and maintain flawless physique.

They spend a lot of sweat by working out and ultimately the result is front of you.

They constantly propagate the idea of fitness and heath to their fans. Some of the actors have really set a good example on how one should not ignore their body as they play a major role in both personal and professional front.

If you too are inspired by their well-toned chiselled bods, then do have a look at some great fitness quotients of Bollywood stars.

1.   Bipasha Basu

Bipasha is one of the fittest Btown actresses. Many girls would love to know about her ideal and sculpted bodyShe has also released succesful DVDs on fitness. Her ultimate mantra is one should love their self. She says one can be fit if they start loving their body.


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