5 Reasons Why Should We Look Forward To The Release of Akshay Kumar Starrer – It’s Entertainment!

We talk about a satirical take on Akshay Kumar’s upcoming mass entertainer, cheekily titled, It’s Entertainment! The trailer suggests it will be a no-brainer and the hit song, Johnny Johnny, based on a nursery rhyme confirms our fears about this movie becoming a blockbuster!

 Akshay Kumar is synonymous with entertainment!

With a movie titled as It’s Entertainment and having Akshay as the lead in it, one can only expect it to be a total commercial potboiler. It really doesn’t matter whether the movie will have any substance or if it will cater to the thinking audience’s taste. All it can offer is an experience of a different world where one doesn’t need brains, where logics will fly out of the windows, and the only thing that might remain after the movie gets over is, what else but entertainment!

After going through various promos and released songs from the movie, we have compiled a list of 5 compelling reasons that will get this flick on your must-watch list. Let’s have a look at them:

1) It is an Akshay Kumar movie!

What better reason than to watch Akshay in his true funny elements. Fresh from the stupendous success of his last release Holiday, he is looking in form and ready to do what he is best at, that is, act funny! The only thing he excels in apart from those dare-devil stunts and action movies is comedy and this movie promises truck-loads of brain-dead comedy. Get ready for some silly laughter!

2) Comeback of man’s best friend, the Dog!

This movie will mark the comeback of the Hindi film hero’s favorite side-kick, a dog! After ruling the charts in 80’s as an important character in every major film, this canine took voluntary retirement. However, dark days of its absence are over and the most loyal pet will make a royal entry with this flick. Going by the promos, may be it’s a negative role! Anyone hearing the nomination for Best Debut in Negative Role Award?

3) There is a party song lifted directly from a nursery rhyme talking about ‘daru’!

Vacations are over and schools have re-opened. The kids getting admission into Kindergarten have to learn some nursery rhymes which might become a task for their parents. So this movie has a party song lifted directly from a nursery rhyme, ‘Johnny Johnny, yes papa’ and its lyrics have been tweaked to cater to kids’ parents as well. Killing two birds with one stone, you know! Children will learn the tune of poem, parents will enjoy the lyrics which only talks about drinking ‘daru’ without using the word. May be the word ‘daru’ has been copyrighted by Yo Yo Honey Singh! Who knows!!

4) Akshay Kumar lip-syncing to a female voice!

The writer-directors of the movie, Farhad-Sajid must be sitting and thinking what can be a novelty factor about their movie? Got Akshay, got the dog, and got the crazy nursery rhyme-lifted song, what next? That’s when they must have been struck with a genius idea of letting Akshay lip-sync this ‘daru’ inspired song to a female voice! Now, that is a first in this country! True creativity, huh?

5) The title, It’s Entertainment!

There was a time when every actor use to promote his/her movie saying, it’s different! It soon became cliché and people stopped using it. Then Ms. Vidya ‘Dirty Picture’ Balan revolutionized the movie promotions by saying it is only about Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment! Akshay must have thought, before this also becomes too cliché to use ever again, let me make the movie with the same title. So here we are, looking in the face of so called, Entertainment!

Hope you all have got a fair idea about what to expect from this movie. Sit back and wait for the entertaining fun-ride!

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