Dating guide: What turns HIM on!

Want to know what turns your man on? Here’s a quick guide…read on!

Girls, is your man giving you the ‘leave-me-the-hell-alone’ look? Or you’re looking for some wild romp in the sack on a moody Monday? We tell what gets him going *wink wink* What really turns him on! Read on:


Smoky eyes:
Nothing turns him better than a pair of smoky and mysterious eyes. It makes you look ethereal, hence you come across as unattainable. That’s enough to get him going. He will turn on his charm and woo you over with all that he has. Not many women know this, but the first thing a guy notices is your pair of eyes (contrary to the good old boob fixation!)

Sexy legs:
Nothing stirs up his fantasy like a killer, toned pair of legs. Strut your stuff in a cool pair od shorts or minis and you have him sorted! Even if you’re not being too obvious about your sexy pins, he would not be able to take his eyes off you.

Hair that falls on your cleavage:
As cheesy as it may sound, when you leave your hair open and it falls on the nook of you cleavage, it makes him go mad! While a tiny bit of cleavage is enough to turn him on, it’s the falling strands that really stroke his fantasies!

Bodycon dresses!
It’s the most conventional way to get a man turned on. Parade in front of him in a clinging, figure-hugging bodycon dresses and he is yours! Men can’t resist a chiseled body (much like women can’t resist a buffed up guy’s frame), so invest in a sexy black bodycon that can make him go totally wild.

Good food:
Yes, the way to a man’s heart is indeed through his stomach. Rustle up an amazing plate of his favorite dish and he will be truly turned on. The fact that you can cook delicious food makes you irresistible in more ways than one!

Delectable derriere:
Whether he is a boobs man or an ass man, a delectable derriere will turn him for sure. He may not say it in so many words, but he loves your digs and will go into fantasy land when you walk over in a pair of skinny jeans or hot pants. After all, men will always be men! So, what turns your men on? Do let us know so that we can include that in our next edition of this article!

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