Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is? These Apps Will Help You To Track Her Without Calling Her!

We talk about the mobile apps that can help you track your young children to keep them safe from a potential predator or an ailing parents ensuring their safety…

There was a time when phones were only used for calling and messaging functions, and the mere thought of not being able to locate a family member would make us panic and anxious!

But thanks to technology, today there is a steady stream of apps that lets one keep a distant eye on their loved ones.

Now, one can locate his/her partner without making a call, receive an alert if the child ventures out of a designated area, and even keep a tab once an elderly member goes to the nearby store.

Listed below are tracking apps designed for each member of the family and which render real-time location updates of our near & dear ones:

For Children

For all those paranoid parents who can’t keep calm once their child leaves the house, there are a myriad of apps which help to track the child’s location without disrespecting his/her privacy.  While Find My Kids app enables guardians to get updates on the child’s movements, the FBI Child ID app allows parents to store their kid’s photo and other identification data on their phones so that they can access the data quickly if the child goes missing.

For Grandparents

With ageing, often our grandparents and elderly members suffer from loss of memory or other ailments. There are a host of location-sharing apps that enables to stay connected with our grandparents thus helping them to keep safe. One can make use of the Family Tracker or GPS Tracking Pro app on iPhone or Android phone, through which one can monitor the location of grandparents as they move from one place to the other.

For Spouse

Well, downloading an app for tracking spouse may raise privacy and moral questions. However, there are some legal ways to go about it too by installing the app on both the partners’ phones with their prior permission. The Connect app on iPhone allows one to follow his/her spouse on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Then there’s Find My Friends app which updates when your spouse leaves work or when he/she arrives at the airport by displaying their whereabouts on a map.  Other apps for tracking family members include Life 360, Trick or Tracker, and many more.

For Pets

Of course, pets are one’s most loyal friends and an integral part of the family! Dog-owners can take advantage of Tagg, which is primarily a GPS attachment for the dog’s collar and helps to track the dog’s activity by sending a message to the owner once it surpasses the set boundary. Other tracking apps for pets include Trax, iCam, and more.

Apart from the above-mentioned programs, there is an array of other location-sharing apps. However, the decision of downloading such an app is a personal choice, as the idea of tracking someone’s movements at all times might sound a bit creepy.

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