Top 10 Free Apps From Android to Help You Laugh A Little More

Laughing has never been so easy. Android have some popular apps to help you smile. Here is a list of 10 such free apps.

Are you aware of the fact that laughing can help to lengthen your life? You might think laughing doesn’t come easy; but, with some of the latest Android apps, you might well think it has never been so easy before.

You just need to install these apps on your Android device (mobiles/tablets), and you will smile twice more than you usually do. Here is a list of 10 best Android apps that you can download on your device (for free), and try them yourself.


Pou is actually a nice and cute creature that needs your attention and care. If you are a pet-lover, you will get a lot of happiness feeding it, washing and also taking care of its health. This one will certainly make you feel nostalgic about his childhood, when you badly wanted to have a pet at home, but for some reasons, you couldn’t. Best thing about Pou? Besides being sweet and cute, it will not destroy your favorite pair of shoes.

Doodle Jump

This is a game! Doodle Jump is interesting; you simply help a jumping bug to reach its target at the top. Use the position of your mobile/tablet, move the device horizontally or vertically to avoid all the bad insects that come on the way. The interface of Doodle Jump is remarkable and sweet for clearance and simplicity at the same time. There are various levels in the game which is enough to keep you busy for long hours.

Finger Lie Detector

This is a lie detecting machine. Ask your kid to put her finger on the screen of your tablet and ask her about the marks she obtained in her English paper. Or interrogate your partner about what he was up to all evening. The app mainly determines whether the answers are true or not. Well, just to caution you: Don’t take the answers too seriously; this app is created to lighten your mood!

Crack Your Screen

Have you ever tried to crack the display of your screen? Well, you can have a try. With his app, all you need to do is turn on the mode, shake your mobile phone and you will have a crack. Don’t worry, it is for fun! Your device will work just fine, even after its cracked! It is just a way to joke with your friends.

Glow Hockey

You usually played this game at some malls. But now you can perfect your skills sitting at home. This app lets you play alone as well as with friends. The game has various levels which you have to cross to score points.

X-Ray Scanner

Well, have you ever thought of taking an X-Ray shot of your friend? With the X-Ray scanner you can get all the insights of your pal. Have fun with your best friends, looking through each other’s bodies.

Optical Illusions

If you love optical trips and puzzles, this is the must have app for you. You can look at the screen for hours and get various types of images from one particular picture. The sheer numbers of images is enough to keep you occupied in a long queue.

Piano Melody

All music lovers please take note. This app is for you guys; download Piano Melody and train your fingers. You can switch between various octaves and even play Beethoven with this app. If you are short of ideas, there are readymade guides to help you broaden your creativity.

Cat Sounds

If you are a cat lover, you must have this app in your tablet. The idea is to press a button and hear various types of meows. Isn’t that awesome?

Manhjong Solitaire

This is a game that has a lot of levels. You need to cross them all successfully to win; but it is not easy. The game requires intelligence, attention and aptitude. It can help to keep your brain active.



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