This Week’s Top Apps at Apple App Store

Let’s look at the top apps at the Apple App Store that are making the news this week.

There is no doubt that mobile application developers works really hard to make unique and appealing apps to help end users. Here’s a list of top that are trending on Apple App Store, this week. 

Week’s Top Apps for iPhone 

  • Google Helpouts: This app is search engine giant’s contribution to digital learning. Google Helpouts helps users get access to an array of videos on widespread topics; like, fitness, cooking, computers, etc. 
  • Club Penguin: This is a very famous MMO for kids. The app, Club Penguin, allows users to explore a world (animated) populated with penguins. With social features and mini games, this app is real fun for kids. The recent update for this app has helped to optimize the game for previous models, like iPhone 4S. 
  • Flickr: This is in fact one of the coolest apps; and there is not much you can’t appreciate about Flickr. One of the main reasons for its popularity is because of the 1,000 GB of storage that it provides. The latest Flickr 3.0 has a new design and easy to use features. 
  • Breeze: Are you obsessed with how you look? This app is for all the fitness freaks who want to keep track of their exercise regimes. Breeze helps to monitor your daily life and tells you how active you really are; and where you need to focus on in order to maintain a fit body and a healthy life. This app doesn’t drain your phone’s battery, yet makes you fitness routine look impressive.   

Week’s Top Apps for iPad 

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2: This is a game featuring everybody’s favorite wall crawler – The Spider Man. With the movie slated to release next month (May 2014), this game has captured the imagination of people. Here, just like in comics or movies, the super hero fights against the bad guys to protect the people of New York!  
  • Foldify Zoo: How often have you been involved in folding normal pieces of paper to create beautiful 3D models; it was always fun, wasn’t it? With Foldify Zoo you can create your own models, thanks to the templates that the app provides; or, you can also print out and create your preferred models. 
  • Hitman GO: This is a game that is based on the popular Hitman franchise. The Hitman GO is very similar to a board game that tests your skills in strategic assassination. There are several levels that you have to cross in order to win; however, whether you want a sneaky or a forced entry is entirely up to you. 
  • BBC Sport: Well, the BBC is one of the reliable news agencies in the world, and its sports coverage is equally popular among the audience. The BBC Sports app allows you to consume all the latest happenings in the sports arena around the world.

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