5 Apps that Your Husband Should NOT Have!

There are a host of apps available today. Some of these apps have features that are beneficial for a husband but a wife may have objections on him using them.

There is a repertoire of apps available today that aid in serving various purposes. Though most of these apps have made life easy, there are a host of them which have created distances in relationships.

While some apps have made it effortless for people to communicate in long distance relationships, there are others that have created differences among couples living under the same roof.

We list below 5 apps that a wife would not want her husband to have. We have nothing against these apps or their usage. Based on their features we have selected those which are not acceptable by some wives.

1)       TigerText: This app has a deletion timer option using which the sender of a message can delete it from the receiver’s inbox at a pre-set time. This is a great way by which a cheating husband can remove all evidences. A wife would never want her husband to cheat on her, and if he were, then she would never want him to use this app!


2)      Call and Text Erase App or CATE: Most wives consider it their right to check the messages and call logs on their husband’s mobile phones. CATE is a good app by which husbands can erase the messages on their phones by simply shaking it. This is a boon for husbands but a wife would never support it!


3)       Asphalt 8: This is an interesting app that can keep one engrossed for hours. None of the wives would want their husbands to stick to their cell phones and play games instead of spending time with them. Asphalt 8 or any other gaming app is a big NO for all wives!


4)      Stocks App: This app resembles a stock market app but in reality it saves images and videos. It is a very useful app for those who wish to hide their data from others. Obviously, no spouse would approve of such an app!


5)      Moneycontrol’s Markets on Mobile: This is an original share market app, not fake like the one mentioned above. While every wife would love her husband to mint money for her, at the same time she also demands his full attention. Wives do not mind their husband’s using this app, but using it during family time is not welcome.

If a husband has downloaded any of these apps that does not necessarily mean that he is cheating on his wife, or he has no time for her. Also, not all wives would object their husbands using these apps.

This is a personal choice and we leave it to the couple to decide which app they wish to use and which they need to discard!

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