Snack On Pre-Run Food Before The Marathon

With the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon being just a day away, we suggest you munch on something before heading out.

It always has been a dilemma for most people, to eat or not to eat before going for a marathon (or for any other physical activity for that matter). We suggest you fuel yourself with some breakfast that will help you gain energy before you head out for your dream run.

What is it that your body actually needs in a situation like this? It needs energy and nourishment. At the same time your snack must not leave you bloated with those fats and carbs. Here are a few foods we could suggest…

Go Bananas! Obviously during the run… But grab a high fibre, potassium rich, easy to digest banana before you sprint off for the run. Potassium in the banana helps in regulating blood pressure. It also keeps the muscles strong, helping you avoid cramps. 

Sweet Potatoes
Let us tell you what all does a tiny sweet potato comes packed with: vitamins C and A, potassium, iron and trace minerals such as manganese and copper. With so many minerals, it will help your running performance, keep your muscles safe from cramps and also taste good!


Rich in Vitamin B, Oats can be a brilliant snack. The complex carbohydrates keep you energetic through the run. You could have them with milk or water. Keep the sugars low. Instead you could add Banana or any other fresh fruit.


Sounds a bit odd but pasta has been runner’s best buddy for a while now. It is easily digested and also has carbs that you will need while running. It is recommended that you pick whole wheat pasta as it has more fibres than regular pasta. Wheat pasta also has Vitamin B that play a key role in metabolism. Given that leeway, don’t stuff yourself.



300g of chicken is enough to give an athlete his needed dose of protein. It helps rebuild muscles that get worked up after a rigorous workout. Apart from protiens, chicken also contain selenium, which protects muscles from getting damaged and regulates fat burn during the run.


Your body is in a constant need of calcium, that is exactly what a yummy batch of yogurt will give you. A 200ml serving, every day, will provide you enough protein to build and recover your muscles.

Extremely rich and nutritious, dates make for a perfect snack. They can be eaten before and after the run as they help releasing of natural sugars in your body.

Apart from these foods, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Keep in mind that you keep away from might lead to diarrhoea or you will be seen running to the wash room instead of the marathon. Keep oily foods (chips and wada pav) away from you, at least till you finish your run. Avoid spicy food a night before the run. Most of all, keep yourself pumped up as excitement could also be one of the best foods to feed yourself with!


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