Here Is An App For Each Stage Of Life!

There is a range of apps available for people of ages. From kid to adults, each one uses a special app created for them. We bring a list of apps which are popular among smart phone users of various ages.

There are thousands of apps available for one and all.

There are loads of them for each member of the family, including parents, children, grandparents, and more.

In fact, there is an app available for people of all ages, including toddlers, teenagers, middle-aged, and the aged.

We bring a list of apps which are in vogue, based on the age groups that use them.

Apps for Toddlers:

Babies are unable to operate, or even hold smart phones in their tiny hands. But, that does not stop them from using apps created especially for them! From studying names of animals on AniWorld Lite to learning counting through 0-10 Numbers, there is a lot in store for the toddlers. 

Apps for School Students:

There is a plethora of apps available for school students, including HomeWork which assists in planning exam revisions, & scheduling homework, 100 Top World Wonders which stores the largest, longest, highest, fastest, and most dangerous things in the world. 

Apps for College Goers:

Among hundreds of useful apps, college students have the option to download apps for calculations (RealCalc Scientific Calculator), bibliography records (EasyBib), General Knowledge (WolframAlpha), and more. 

Apps for Professionals:

From doctors to photographers, and from lawyers to businessmen, there is an array of apps available for professionals from all spheres. The most popular ones include FRED Economic Data for investors, Medscape for doctors, Mobile Docket for lawyers, and more. 

Apps for Married Couples:

Couple, Grocery Smart, Mint, iLoveNote, Avocado, and Love Maps are among the most admired and most frequently used apps. From tips on marriages, to grocery shopping and from keeping in-touch with your spouse to testing your sexuality with your partner, there are many apps for married couples. 

Apps for Expecting Parents:

There is a range of apps for all the parents-to-be, including Pilates for Pregnancy Complete – an interactive workout and pregnancy planner, Expecting – for tips on parenting, and Prenatal Smart – a diet planner for moms-to-be. 

Apps for Senior Citizens:

Most senior citizens today keep a tab of their investments and health issues with apps. They also use various apps for gaming & fulfilling some long-lost interests & hobbies! The most commonly used apps by senior citizens include AARP, Check, Lumosity, and Words With Friends.

There are close to ten lakh apps available, and we have mentioned above only a few of them based on their popularity and efficacy.

There are a bucket-full of other apps which are equally good.

We invite our readers to vote for the app they find the best and the one which is most useful.

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