Google Glass Can Be (Kinda) Fashionable Too!

If you are one of them who sulked about the weird looking Google Glass, well it’s time to cheer up. Google has taken care of it and ensured the Glass looks fashionable after all.

Do you plan to use Google Glass? Well then you would be interested to know that Google Glass can be fashionable too; and might we add, it can certainly make you look ‘cool’.

Yes, you heard that right! 

Ever since the device was announced by Google in the mid 2013, the primary complaint, among users, has been the way it looks. Most people had a lot of negatives to say about Google Glass when it came to its style and odd shape. Users often said it looked weird on their face. And most people would freak out when they saw the person they are talking to have a camera attached to their eyewear. And some of the cases were genuine too. Imagine you talking to a person who has a camera constantly panned at you. You would get conscious, and, even freak out.  


Much to the happiness of the users, Google has made all the right moves to ensure the wearable tech appears more ‘cool’ and fashionable – especially now that the device is available to users around the world. In one of the recent meetings with the press, precisely early this month, the company has confirmed going into collaboration with renowned fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. This is of course not the first time the company has joined hands with eminent faces from the fashion industry; in the month of March this year, Google had collaborated with another big shot fashion brand, Luxottica (the parent company of Ray-Ban and Oakley), to up the appeal for its tech wearable device. We have to admit, Google is no doubt taking customer requests seriously. 

Now the good news is that from 23rd June onwards the renowned Glass website will start to offer five brand new frames and eight brand new shades. But before you decide to buy them, you might be better off watching the video that the company has already released (available readily on YouTube). As it turns out the assembling part is not that easy, after all; and you would need a little more than technical know-how to get a hang of it. However, it is not an impossible task. 

May you have a colorful and fashionable Google Glass experience; and do let us know about how you felt using it. We certainly are excited about it, and hope you will be too.

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