Bored of Twitter? These 5 Android Apps Can Be A Perfect Alternative!

Is it time to think for an alternative of Twitter? Here are few names listed to help you make your choice!

The official version of Twitter app for Android can seem boring and unsorted.

The Discover and Activity tabs are more than often difficult to sort out and you lose the current trends as it is bloated. While it is not completely useless but long time users have often complained about the app and its usability.

But did you know there are alternatives to the official Twitter app for Android devices? Yes, you read that right! 

Here’s a list of top 5 alternative Android apps for Twitter: 

TweetCaster Pro 

A paid app, it sports a simple design where you will find icons for mentions, direct messages, favorites and lists at the screen top. Although the design is too simple but reliability is its USP. You do not need to search the usable information from a heap and you can take a look at the trending topics quite easily. Mentions and direct messages tabs help you with your activities. Another advantage of this Android app is that you can customize it to your own liking. A free version of this app is also available but it is packed with ads. 

Plume Premium 

This is another paid app from Google Play that sports a straightforward design. It is easy to understand and use. Tweets are displayed in vertical feeds. If you want to scurry through your tweets then this is a good option. To switch to the timeline, mentions and direct messages the tabs are placed at the top of the screen. There are numbers indicating the unread tweets and messages. 

Tweet Lanes 

This is a free app that was launched in 2012. What is interesting about this third party Twitter client is that it still offers some new tokens. Tweet Lanes offers you a fresh experience on Twitter. You can keep a tab on your outgoing tweets through the ‘Context Box’ which you will find on the screen. Another interesting feature is that you can select and send multiple messages to multiple users.  


Here you can set your own theme, background, colors and typeface. You can even customize individual tweets. Sounds interesting? After setting the app you can also take care of further refinements including toggling the count for unread tweets, a scroll slider and decide the position of the compose button. 


This is one of the most expensive Twitter apps available for Android users. In addition to the wide array of customization options you can streamline the app so that it shows the latest tweets on your feed. You can create new feeds by using any kind of content, like, saved searches, retweets and specific users. 

With such available alternatives you can make your Twitter experience becomes more effective and fun.

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