5 Things You Understand If You Have Difficulty Making Decisions

Every time your decision goes wrong, your confidence is wrecked. This is the problem with indecisive people, no matter if you are selecting from the food menu or the prospective marital match, you are always weak on the knees before zeroing on one decision. You need constant approval from people and the strong winds of opinions only leave you all the more baffled. Worse, your indecisive nature sometimes leverages adverse outcomes. An indecisive person is actually too apprehensive about everything and always doing the probability sum in his head. Here are some pointers an indecisive person can completely relate to:

You can never be an agony-aunt:

You just cringe when someone asks for relationship advice or any solution to their personal problems. No matter how devotedly you hear their problems, when it comes to share your input your heart is numb.

You always avoid supermarkets:

Super markets are labyrinths for your where you lose yourself amidst so many options and end up buying the stuffs that you barely need.  So, you always wait for the cooking oil to reach until the last drop before you rush to the local grocery shop for a new jar.

A sudden marriage invitation gives you cold feet:

You always need time to prepare because indecisive people tend to be a little lazy. There is so much to decide, from gift to your outfit, plus the budget. You can never think on your feet when a marriage invitation is received.

You hop in the next romantic interest sooner than others:

Different people have different qualities and you can’t have them all in a single person if he is not a custom-made robot. It is because you can never decide what you want; you shift your focus for transitory betterment.


You are an eloquent escapist:

You pick up arguments pretty fast before it’s the best way to avoid responsibility. Responsibilities drive you bonkers and you always need an escape route because you are not sure whether you will meet the expectation of people.


Every day is a struggle for indecisive people and they don’t understand source of their happiness.

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