If You Are A Facebook User, You Must Read These Recent 4 Privacy Changes

After a series of complains from its users, Facebook has finally decided to make sure its privacy setting is in synch with the public demand. The new tweaks are testimony to the fact.

Here is good news for all the Facebook fans! 

Facebook is making all the right moves to ensure that the privacy of your account is well maintained. 

Privacy checkup

Last April the social networking giant had introduced a ‘privacy dinosaur’ popup to remind users when they are making a public post. Since then the popup has been expanded to incorporate privacy checkup tool to help users review their sharing settings. This Facebook update that just ensures you are sharing with the people you want. The new privacy setting helps to make sure you share the content with people you care – your friends and network. 

Anonymous Login!

You must be already tired of applications demanding your Facebook data at the login screen? And you must also hate it when you get posts from third party apps like Candy Crush. On 30th April Facebook has rolled out its anonymous login feature so users can now easily connect their Facebook enabled apps without giving up their personal data. So, now you can play Candy Crush as much as you want. But the app will not be able to post updates on your wall. This feature allows you to customize what you want to post on your timeline. 


Facebook is always changing its interface. From the time it started out to the present, there have been a lot of changes to the interface, and now it might seem a little complicated for a first time user.  Previously, newcomers, in case they didn’t change the privacy setting immediately their updates would be displayed as public. Realizing the impact of posts meant for only selected few getting shared as public; Facebook has fixed the issue by changing the default privacy setting where users can now pick their audience when they make their posts. Recently the social networking giant has faced a lot of heat regarding its security issues, so it is not a surprise that many of its recent Facebook updates have been made keeping that in mind. 


In the middle of all the updates, Facebook can now listen to what is happening around you. This mobile app will actually soon be able to activate your mobile microphone so it can hear your environment and determine what you are up to – only if you choose to have the feature turned on. Whether you are listen to John Denver in the car or watching Sherlock on the couch at home, the new Facebook update will be able to detect what you are doing. This new feature is of course meant to make things easy where you don’t have to share items by typing them out. This means that, though Facebook can’t hear you, but it will have records of what you like doing.  

The new privacy setting for Facebook only brings to the fore the importance of security and value of personal information. It is not a secret that the social networking giant has a load of information stored, and it is up to them to safeguard the user data.

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