10 Must Have Android Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier!

If you have been searching for 10 Android apps that could make your life easy, look no further, we have it for you already!

Are you searching for the top Android apps that are must haves for your Samsung Galaxys, HTC Ones, Nexus 7 and other handheld devices? Whether you are an old or new user of a smartphone, here’s a list of Android apps that will make your life easy.

What we are suggesting you is a list of apps that are necessary for your cell phones. Besides, the usual list of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, etc. the ever growing Android market is beaming with apps that will surely better your user experience.

Here goes your list:

1. avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus
An anti-virus is a must for your handheld device. avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus works as antimalware tools, anti-theft tools and is packed with privacy tools and more services. Moreover it is free!

2. LastPass
We are all aware that we must use a complex, unique password for every website and application. LastPass does the heavy lifting for you and it can also generate new passwords and will also remembering your existing ones. When you opt for the latest update this app will autofill your passwords into apps. Usually it is for free but using it on a mobile device costs $12 a year, or $1 a month.

3. Feedly
If you like reading blogs and news on your Android device then Feedly is the thing for you. It is a versatile platform which you can utilize to read whatever you love by using a single app. You can also take a look at the magazine-style Flipboard for something for stylish.

4. Google Keyboard
Are you looking for a Swype-like gesture typing, then Google keyboard is your answer. For an easier and clearer user experience with keyboards this is a perfect Android app.

5. Google Drive
This is an effective Android app for mobile office suite. You can access your essential files, texts, spreadsheets, PPTs and other documents and collaborate with others with Google Drive.

6. UC Browser
This is a fast browser that supports multi-touch and navigates through voice commands. You will require Google Voice for the voice commands. You can also download files at a high speed.

7. ROM Toolbox
If you are looking for myriad options for tweaking your phone, then this is the Android app for you. You can alter your system font, download boot animations and download ThemeChooser themes to personalize your device.

8. Battery Defender – Battery Saver
Who does not want an effective app for extending their device’s battery lives? This Android app is a simple one which provides you an option for enabling or disabling battery saving.

9. Music Paradise
You can use this app to download free music directly onto your Android device. It also features an in-built music player for listening to your downloaded songs.

10. Netflix
This is a popular premiere movie and TV streaming service that will keep you entertained with your latest TV series and movies. If video isn’t your choice then opt for Kindle for getting hooked onto your favorite books.

Most of the apps are available at Google Play Store.

If you remember any other app that can make the life easier, please let us know by commenting below.




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