Finally! A Course In Wine Management Can Kick Start Your Global Career!

Career In Wine Management – Wine industry is growing by leaps and bounds across the globe, especially in emerging economies like India and China.

Liquor industry has been around for centuries and growing by leaps and bounds every year.

The segment which is showing maximum growth and growth-potential is the Wine segment, not only in India, but globally. Maharashtra is soon becoming the wine producing capital of the country with huge investments planned for the future as well.

No doubt, the need for experts in the field is growing faster than the supply of that talent.

However, till now, there wasn’t any course available that could have helped students to learn the trade and gain an expertise in the industry to make a career out of it. Everyone who has been part of the industry has got on-job experience, but no formal training.

All that can soon be a thing of the past as a one year diploma course has been started by an institute in France!

For all those students who want to learn everything related to wines, vineyard management, wine making, storage, quality checks etc, to make a career out of it, this course is tailor-made. It is an MSc in Wine Management offered by the School of Wine and Spirits Business, Gropue ESC Dijon- Bourgogne, France!


The course includes two semesters and after successfully completing the programme, the students can get placements in different sectors of the wine industry as operational executives or even managerial positions depending on their performance during the course.

The students will be taught subjects as varied as administration, finance, logistics, sales, legalities related to oenology, wine tasting, and wine tourism and so on to help them gain knowledge about the wine market.

The best part about this course is that it will have a batch of only 50 students, which means every student will get focused attention. The students will have the benefit of having industrial visits, going to wine fairs of Europe to experience first-hand information with experts and industry stalwarts.

After completing the course, students can work as brand managers, sales executives, distributors, import-export managers, etc. However, to qualify for the course, candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree in any kind of major and a good command over English language.

Also, they should have an IELTS (6.0) or equivalent  certificate score obtained no more than two years before application (TOEIC more than 750, TOEFL more than 80550) to apply for the course.

The total fee is 11480 Euros or approximately Rs. 8.75 lakh given today’s market rates.

It might sound a bit steep, but given the returns it can offer immediately after the completion of the course, it is worth it!

Those who wish to apply for the course, can contact the school via their website, http:www.swsb.eu 


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