DIY: How to spruce up your terrace

Don’t neglect your terrace, turn it into something chic and functional. Here’s how…

Terrace is probably the most neglected part of our house as you obviously don’t give it as much attention as it deserves. It’s not just a place to dump your plants, but also an area that can be turned into picnic arena. Here are some ways to spruce up your terrace. Read on:

Natural and artificial plants:
Make sure that your terrace has the right balance of natural as well as artificial plants that complement each other perfectly. If you have a natural creeper, off set it with an artificial rugged plant that adds a bit of drama and edge to your terrace. Plants are also excellent sources of oxygen and help purify the air.

Colourful flowers:
Turn your basic terrace into a riot of colours by getting flowers of different hues and variety. Line them up around the edge of the balcony/terrace and pair the flowers with enough green and red plants to make your own nursery. Pretty colours are inviting and fresh and will come very handy during your low days.

Reclining chair:
Nothing like a comfortable chair overlooking the street, river, mountain or whatever. Reclining chairs are the best way to relax after a long and tiring day. Just kick back with a cup of steaming hot coffee and all your work pressure will go out the window in no time. Don’t believe us? Try this out right away!

Swinging times:
Yes, you guessed it right! Get a pair of swing that’s elegant and can accommodate many family members at the same time. Swings are a perfect way to spruce up the terrace as these are functional as well as sporty. You can also go for the ethnic kinds that will give your terrace a royal feel. Get ready to feel like a Maharaja!

Pretty umbrellas:
This might not be possible for every household as umbrellas take up a lot of space. But picnic umbrellas are very classy and chic that can instantly turn your terrace into a picnic spot. Throw in couple of volleyballs and playing cards and you have your own vacation spot! It goes without saying that you have to go for a detachable umbrella that’s made for homes and not gardens.



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