Which is the Zodiac Sign Of Most Of The Billionaires ! Are You The Future Billionaire?

Zodiac Sign Of Billionaires

Zodiac Sign Of Billionaires – Forbes’ list of 100 richest individuals in the world encouraged the astrology-inclined to conduct an interesting experiment in 2016.

The experiment helped decide which zodiac signs could churn out the maximum number of financial geniuses.

Zodiac sign of Billionaires

  • Taurus – Yes, this sun sign tops the list! It is because 13 Taureans, including Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, have shown the world that they can be excessively uncompromising and stubborn, yet patient, responsible and practical.
  • Aries – Mukesh Ambani (India) is a successful Arian, along with 11 others across the globe. They have reached their respective positions through their passionate and determined courageousness, aggressive confidence and innate honesty.
  • Leo – Around 11 lions have used their creative abilities, passion and optimism to attain great heights.
  • Capricorn – With the aid of disciplined and responsible behaviour, as well as healthy self-control, 10 Capricornians have shown the world what great leadership qualities they possess.
  • Libra, Aquarius and Gemini – Each sun sign boasts of nine billionaires.

Librans strive to be cooperative, diplomatic and fair in all their dealings, as they hate confrontations.

Aquarians, are progressive, independent and innovative in thought and action at the right times.

Geminians are quick to learn, extremely adaptable to all kinds of situations and love to exchange ideas.

  • Scorpio – Seven billionaires in the world have shown the way with their resourcefulness, determined passion and bravery.
  • Virgo and Pisces – Each sun sign boasts of six billionaires. The Virgo-born are extremely diligent, analytical and practical.

Extremely artistic and intuitive, the Pisces-born possess great wisdom and compassion.

  • Cancer – Just five billionaires have used their tenaciousness and imagination to get to the top.
  • Sagittarius – This sun sign is at the bottom of the chart, with just three billionaires finding their way to the Forbes list. Their major failings are an inability to fulfil promises, be diplomatic at the right times and controlling impatience.

These are Zodiac sign of Billionaires – If your zodiac sign is amongst the top five, you are lucky. It is never too late to reach the skies. You may take tips from the people heading the Forbes list, and begin your journey towards becoming the next billionaire.

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