One Word That Describes The Way You KISS, Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

Word That Describes Your Kiss

Word That Describes Your Kiss – A Kiss is the touch or pressing of one’s lips against another person or an object.

Guys and girls, what is the one word that describes your kiss? Are you aware about it? No? Well then, your zodiac sign will help you get the answer.

Are you ready? No doubt at all, because you are all-set and eager to know the answer.

So, here we go…Word That Describes Your Kiss –

  1. Aries – Rough

You like to go the rough way. You’re a little bit violent while kissing, and that’s what interests the opposite person. When it’s your time to lock lips, you make it passionate and rough.

  1. Taurus – Dreamy

The one they show in movies. You are very romantic, and your kiss is a dreamy-like-soft touch. You’re actually a good kisser, and all thanks to the way you kiss.

  1. Gemini – Playful

While kissing, you love playing games with your partner. You’re very flirty and that’s actually the best thing as it makes the kissable situation interesting.

  1. Cancer – Calm

You don’t rush things, and in terms of kiss, you do it very calmly. The gentle touch is what showcases what’s stored in your heart.

  1. Leo – Passionate

You always get very excited while kissing your partner. And only because of your excitement, you indulge into kissing passionately.

  1. Virgo –Smooth

You take your kiss easy, just like all the things in your life. You kiss smoothly, filled with total sweetness and deep thoughts running in your mind, it’s all just smoothly perfect.

  1. Libra – Hot

You know how to take things at a hotness level. You indulge into trying all the kisses, and make them extremely hot. Honestly, you’re known to be good kisser too.

  1. Scorpio – Powerful

You put your total power while kissing your partner. While kissing, you show your strong and intense feeling to make it more real and amazing.

  1. Sagittarius – Addictive

You love to try all kinds of kisses, and honestly, you try to find out more and more kissable adventures to make your kiss appealing. Your addiction towards trying kisses, make others addictive towards you.

  1. Capricorn – Secure

Your kiss gives your partner a sense of security. Security lies within your passionate kiss. That’s completely the best thing about you.

  1. Aquarius – Casual

You are not someone who will plan and then kiss. You are one of those, who will kiss casually whenever you want to.

  1. Pisces – Sensual

Your kiss is very pleasing, and that’s the best part about your kiss.

Word That Describes Your Kiss – Any thoughts? Comment below.

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