Conspiracies behind Princess Diana’s death

Was it an accident or was it planned? These hard-to-believe conspiracies might make you shudder and hold your heads in disbelief.


Today, when I read the news about the probability of the royal inner circle being behind the death of Princess Diana, I wasn’t completely shocked. Purely because there have been a lot of conspiracies and stories that are floating around, claiming that it wasn’t just an accident that took the life away from this beautiful angel. A few of them, which wouldn’t go down well with a lot of you who don’t believe in parallel truth and conspiracy theories, have called it a well orchestrated event and that her brutal fate was sealed at the time of her birth. Though it does send a chill down the spine to even imagine how her own people could be the ones who killed her, it is quite hard to ignore the parallel information, which has been made available to the common person.

The occult meaning to Diana’s death:

If you type these words on Google, you will come across a plethora of websites and blogs shouting aloud that her death was a sacrifice that had to be practiced as a ritual of a secret society. According to the theory, Diana has been compared to Goddess Diana from the roman mythology and Greek Goddess Artemis. Just like the goddess, the princess, too, had the qualities of being the protector of the environment, working for the weak and needy and a mother to the future heirs. She has also been associated with the Sacred Feminine of which one of the symbols is the moon. She was groomed to be a modern goddess to be untimely sacrificed, in accordance with ancient pagan practices.

The site of the accident, Pont d’Alma Tunnel in Paris, is said to be a sacred site of a pagan temple where people worshipped the Moon Goddess Diana and practiced ritualistic sacrifices. It was important that the victim died inside the underground temple. The princess’ death was a reinactment of this ancient ritual. While this is just an attempt to broadly tell you the theory, there are tonnes of other things like sacred symbols, which have been explained by the theorists, who have drawn similarities between ancient symbols and those, which were found at the site of the incident. The torch that you see atop the death memorial is the ultimate symbol of the people who have acquired occult knowledge. Some even say that it was placed over Pont d’Alma to mark the spot of the assassination. They also allege the entire royal family to be a believer in occultism and a part of a secret society. So, even if these stories have any element of truth in them, it is quite doubtful that they will ever by accepted by the masses.  

The recent news as quoted in the Indian Media:

The latest news talks of a an elite British Soldier N, whose personal interaction with Prince Williams in 2008 compelled him to blurt out that it was the Royal inner circle that hatched the plan of Princess Diana’s death because of their disapproval of her having an affair with Dodi Al-Fayed. He allegedly told his wife about the well-guarded secret and explained that while he was training Prince Williams for an SAS (Special Air Services) course, he got to know of it. Scotland Yard was interviewing the wife after it re-opened the probe last month into the princess’ death. The woman also quoted that the accident had to happen inside a tunnel to ensure death and a light was shone into the driver’s eyes to make sure that the crash happens. If this version of the story is true, we wonder what the repercussions would be. If at all, the truth is allowed to surface. But first, it has to be proved correct.

Other theories:

The foreign media is flooded with all sorts of stories that claim Diana’s death to be a planned event and point fingers at the royal family. One of the most common states that the princess was pregnant with Dodi’s child and the Queen could not accept at any cost that the child was born of a Muslim father. So to protect the monarchy and any controversy, they had to put an end to Diana’s life. While there are stories galore behind her death, it won’t be surprising if anything new comes up in sometime. All we hope is that the truth shall prevail.


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