Astrological Remedies For Attracting Wealth!

Remedies to attract wealth

Remedies to attract wealth – It is quite common that everyone wants to live happy, healthy and wealthy.

This is not something so strange or different. These wishes could be so commonly found in almost every one of us. For attaining all these, there is a lot of hard work and dedication needed to be put in. And yes of course the important fact – ‘Luck’.

I see a lot of people suffering just with lack of some luck. This may sound simple, but trust me -Luck is the driving force of every success behind the walls. Not all the time does the luck favors and it is then exactly where the astrologers come into picture suggesting people some Astro remedies.

So, here we got you all some remedies to attract wealth – Astro remedies that helps in attracting wealth and making you wealthy. I know you must be super excited by now.

Take a look at Remedies to attract wealth –

1 – Make your house cluster free visit Gaj Lakshmi temple
Always make sure that the house is cluster free. Never put those articles that are no longer in use by you at home. Get them back to working condition or dispose them away from you home and have the home clean always. Every Friday visit Gaj Lakshmi temple and offer Lakshmi Godess red flowers and Deepak. Pray wholeheartedly to become rich.

2 – Good to have a peepal tree at home or Tulsi

Astro says – having a peepal tree at your home and lighting a Diya with mustard oil especially on every Sunday evenings is good for prosperity.  This is to be done on Sunday evenings and with mustard oil alone. If you have Tulsi at home water it, pray and put a Deepak near plant every day.

3 – Palms and kisses

This is one tip that makes your day better and attracts wealth. Right after waking up in the morning, look at your own palms and kiss them thrice. This is one Astro remedy, that we all might have seen some elderly people following.  While kissing remember Lakshmi Godess.

4 – Signs of Swastik on the doors of your home or business

To get prosperous really quick, mark signs of Swastik on both the side of the door of any home or the place of business. Use only water for cleaning the doors and home with Ganga water. Most important be positive and think money is flowing from all four ends and eventually it will happen.

5 – South facing conch at home

Place a conch at the south of your home to get wealthy and prosperous. This is one largely followed Astro tip by people. It is good to keep a Shree Yantra at home and worship this attracts wealth.

6 – Powerful Lakshmi Mantra

“Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha” chant this mantra at least 108 times a day to please Lakshmi Godess!

So, these were Remedies to attract wealth – few Astro remedies that are recommended by the astrologer to get prosperous and wealthy. Good luck, folks!

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