Five Negative Characteristics Of LEO Zodiac Sign !

negative characteristics of LEO

Negative characteristics of LEO – A lion impresses with its majestic personality and courage. The Leo-born do the same. Added to that, they are very loving and warm-hearted by nature.

This makes them extremely devoted to their families and others who are close to them.

Negative characteristics of LEO –

1 – Strong in Character

It is good to be determined and strong in mindset, but people governed by this zodiac sign tend to go overboard. They tend to be terribly headstrong and bossy, refusing to change their opinions or convictions. Furthermore, they believe that they are always right, and expect others to follow them.

2 – Centre of Attention

Oh, yes, they love being in the spotlight and making their presence felt! They are well aware that they have natural leadership qualities. However, their leadership is often tinged with self-centredness, harsh words and extremely high-handed behaviour. They just want to be the best in everything. They also expect to have the best of everything.

3 – Pride- A Second Skin

The Leo-born wear their pride like armour. They exhibit it through their words and attitude, enjoying the discomfort it causes in other people. Naturally, no one realises that these individuals may be craving for loving and affectionate smiles from others. It is not their fault, for the Leo-born persist in presenting themselves as being greater/larger than what they actually are from within.

4 – Hate Criticism

It does not matter if they are aggressive, prone to quick rages and unkind in attitude. No one has the right to criticise them. People born under this sun sign are keen to be accepted in a higher social circle. Therefore, they do not want anyone pointing out their flaws.

5 -Impatient for Success

The Leo-born are extremely energetic, if not terribly impatient too. They have a passion for achieving their goals as quickly as possible. However, they tend to make mistakes too, in their eagerness and anxiety to become successful. It is difficult for them to comprehend the adage, “slow and steady wins the race”.

These are negative characteristics of LEO – Regardless of all their faults, the Leo-born are generally loyal and trustworthy. Only, they must take care not to let this loyalty turn into unhealthy possessiveness.

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