Five Negative Characteristics Of Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of Capricorn

Negative characteristics of Capricorn – They may seem shy, reserved, closed or guarded at the first meeting, especially when young.

However, many of them tend to open up as they advance in age. You will love the novel liveliness of manner that they exhibit then!

What are Negative characteristics of Capricorn –

Negative characteristics of Capricorn –

1 – Refuse to be Spontaneous

The Capricorn-born have their feet too firmly planted into the ground! They are keen to adhere to proven-and-tried formulae throughout their lives. This is because they cannot, and will not, accept failure. Risks, changes and challenges, therefore, are not allowed entry into their lives. You will see practicality written all over their faces, with no signs of spontaneity anywhere.

2 – Too Domineering

No, they are not exactly cruel, but terribly controlling in manner. They have fixed compartments in their mind, labelled ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. As a result, Capricornians tend to impose their will on people and on their surroundings as well. Others are not allowed to have a say in anything. The Capricorn-born are blind to the fact that there are several ways of setting an environment, doing things, etc.

3 – Highly Materialistic

Oh, they do love money and all the comforts that come with it! They believe they deserve all the rewards they get, since they are terribly hard working. Capricornians become nervy and insecure if they are not comfortable financially.

4 – Inclined to be Self-Centred

The Capricorn-born are so focussed on their goals, ambitions and desires, that they often overlook other people’s needs. They even go to the extent of alienating people, as they use every means at their disposal to fulfil their objectives. Their actions can hurt people, even those, who are close to them.

5 – Arrogance Personified

Capricornians refuse to take instructions from others, regardless of how well meaning their advisers might be. Then again, they love becoming a part of the ‘higher social circle’. This achievement of power and their leadership qualities often make them arrogant and self-opinionated.

These are Negative characteristics of Capricorn – Capricornians feel they need to prove themselves, in order to be worthy of love and respect. Naturally, this leads to a pessimistic attitude and mood swings. They could definitely do with some cheering up.


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