This Is The Erogenous Zone Of Each Zodiac Sign – Find Out Yours!

Erogenous Zone Of Zodiac Signs

Erogenous Zone Of Zodiac Signs – 

Every zodiac sign has an erogenous zone that easily turns them on.

So, if you’re trying to find out your partner’s erogenous zone, then this article is for you. Zodiac signs reveal a lot more about us than we think. Right from what makes us angry to what our secret desires are, it reveals everything.

In this article, we will reveal the erogenous zone of each zodiac sign. Are you ready? No doubt that you are.

So, keep reading – ( Erogenous Zone Of Zodiac Signs )

  1. ARIES

Head-Face-Hair – keep these three things in mind. Gently run your fingers through their hair and it’ll make them extremely happy. No doubt, you’ll have to put some efforts to get an Aries into the mood, but it’s worth the try.


Taurus’ erogenous zone is their neck. To make their mood better and sexual, you’ll have to kiss on the nape of their neck. Run your fingers or gently go into messaging mood, this’ll surely melt them.


Gemini’s are said to be naughty, and it doesn’t require much to get ‘em in the mood. But you should obviously know how to start, because that what matters the most. The erogenous zone is their chest, so gentle touch can pretty much help you melt a Gemini.


Cancerians are very shy people, but they’re romantic as well. Thus, to do the magic, you’ll have to do the work by kissing softly. Be tender, and their erogenous zone is their chest area.

  1. LEO

Leos love back massages, and kisses on their back. Out of all the zodiac signs, Leos are considered to be very, very romantic people. But to get them in the mood, you’ll have  to playfully start with back and shoulder massages.

  1. VIRGO

Waistline is their erogenous zone. Yes, just simply caressing, and moving your hand around their waistline will make ‘em extremely moody and happy.

  1. LIBRA

Gentle touch and kisses will make a Libra go crazy. Where, you ask? Actually, you can begin with their neck, waistline, stomach area…these are the sensitive areas for them.


You can seduce your partner by playfully teasing their butt. Yes, buttocks. You can also gently touch their thighs, as it also lightens their mood sexually.


Tickle their feets and let the FUN begin. Actually, their erogenous zone is linked with their feet, so a massage can do the work.


Run your hands up and down on each of their legs, and see them melt. You can set a musical background, and you can have a good time with your partner.


Whisper something romantic into their ear, and act naughty. Their ear area is said to be quite sensitive and it does the magic.


Out of the entire zodiac sign, Pisceans are said to be very, very romantic. Their erogenous zone is waist and collarbone. You can give ’em kisses or gentle touches on both the areas to make their mood romantic.

Erogenous Zone Of Zodiac Signs – Just a reminder, that if your partner is pushing you away, then you’ll have to wait or try something else to make them happy. Good Luck 🙂

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