The Strategies Devised On Valentine’s Day To Protect Indian ‘Sanskar’

Valentine's day

The most important day in India is the Valentine’s Day, as right from the religious sects to the political parties everyone gather in unison to educate the youth about ‘Indian sanskar’.

Wonder if the rampant crimes in our country had ever been tackled the way we see these groups actively taking keen enthusiasm and implementing such strategic measures just on Valentine’s Day.

Who said politicians are inactive? You need to actually see the activism that starts right from the first week of February.

Here is a list of protest activities that the protectors of our ‘culture’ had been doing over the years on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s start with the blowjob activity…oops I meant blowing the balloon…still sounding wrong??? Well the picture should do the needful.

Anti Valentine's Day

Anti-Valentine’s Day

Then a series of poster making sessions happen. Some posters are spine chilling. Law and order situation takes a complete toll as these people blatantly threaten the celebration of V-day.

Threatening Posters On V-Day

Threatening Posters On V-Day

In a country where ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fails to hit the screens due to the adult scenes, these violent posters threatening and creating complete anarchy are nicely allowed and even encouraged. Of course they are protecting the Indian culture.

And please note it is not only the Hindu hardliners and the older generation who are actively protecting the ‘bharatiya sanskar’.

Other religions and even youth demonstrate such protest activities to preserve the Indian sanskar.

Valentine's Day Protests

Valentine’s Day Protests

After tremendous efforts by these people to make the posters, they burn them.

V-day Protests

V-day Protests

Now after demonstrations comes the part of moral policing.

Couples found in love are given punishments.

Even police personnel actively participate in teaching young couples moral values. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is apparently against our moral values.

Moral Policing

Moral Policing

This year, the strategy was a bit different by introducing the marriage test and even renaming it to ‘matru-pitru diwas’.

Matru-pitru diwas

Matru-pitru diwas

Indian culture is so vast that it is beyond the need of such protective measures. In a land of cultural diversity there can’t be one rule book of cultural laws. It is subjective. Such violent measures and enforcing people is a slap on the democracy that India boasts.

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