7 Pranks To Make Your Friends Go Utterly Crazy!


Playing pranks on your friends is always a good way of having fun.

Of course, the pranks should be such that they don’t cause a permanent harm or lead to any financial losses; that’s the beauty of pranks!

We bring to you 7 of the craziest pranks that you can play on your friends and then sit back and enjoy.

1)   Invite your friends over and offer them with some cold drinks. The only difference is, add some soy sauce to those drinks and keep your glass separate. Then ask them for a cheer and making sure everyone takes a sip at the same time! The looks on their faces after the first sip will be priceless!

2)   Involve your friend’s boss or a college professor in some light hearted fun. Ask them to call your friend on the phone when he/she is with you and fire him. Check the expressions on your friend’s face after coming to know that their job is gone or they have been suspended from the college for the flimsiest of the reasons! Only after enjoying the moment to the maximum, spill the beans!

3)   This prank will only work if you know your friend really well and have access to their bedroom and personal belongings. You don’t have to do much except secretly add some baby powder to their hair dryer. Then let them take a shower and start to blow dry hair. The whiteness of their hair and face will be a moment to capture on your smart phone and to be shared with your other friends!

4)   Borrow their phone for an urgent call and on the pretext of making the call, walk away from the room for a short while. In this small window of opportunity available to you, switch the names of their mom or dad with their girlfriend or boyfriend’s name in the contact list of the phone. Watch their horrible expressions when they text those romantic Coochie-coos to their parents!

5)   When in a coffee shop, grab a moment when they go to the washroom. Do this simple trick to really give a sour taste in their mouth. Cut the corner of a small chilli sauce packet, enough to insert a straw in it. Then remove the lid of their coffee cup, empty the coffee and put the sauce packet in it with the straw. Put the lid back on and wait for them to take a sip of their favourite coffee, oops chilli sauce!

6)   This is again a phone prank, but works wonderfully! A simple trick of changing their phone ringtone to a porn audio clip and making sure that you call them when they are in their class taking lectures or in a boardroom meeting! The embarrassment on their face will be a lifelong memory to cherish!

7)   Just put a few drops of food colouring on your friend’s toothbrush that they won’t even notice. Imagine their reaction when they brush their teeth and see a different colour! Want to extend the ordeal? Add some salt to it and the colour will stay for a few days at least!

Try these pranks and make life some more fun and enjoyable! Make sure your friends are a good sport and don’t take offence to these harmless antics!

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