Do We Have To Link Juhi’s Tweet On TOI To Deepika Controversy?

TOI had a front page advertisement of a sensuous model in a shower to which Juhi Chawla stated that she would unsubscribe from the newspaper. Why is the entire media linking this to the Deepika controversy?

The entire media seems to be in the ‘Hats off to Juhi Chawla’ mode because she took a stand against TOI’s front page advertisement. Every article has somehow linked this ad that portrays a woman in her shower to the Deepika Padukone incident.

Seriously this comparison is as stupid as BT’s point of view about the Deepika controversy.

TOI had a front page advertisement of a sensuous model in a shower to which Juhi Chawla reacted like this:

While this is an advertisement, The Deepika controversy on the other hand was about invading a woman’s privacy.

How are we linking the two things?

Are we not literate enough to understand the basic difference between invading someone’s space and projecting a bold ad?

Before going further I would like to state that I am just taking a stand and don’t mind criticizing a leading newspaper if it goofed up. If you missed the previous post when TOI made a huge blunder about Sachin Tendulkar and Phil Hughes then click here.

But here the ad is about a model posing for the luxury shower and the USP is that of a sensuous bathing experience. TOI hasn’t taken a camera and invaded the girl’s privacy while she was taking a shower. This is a model posing for the bath fittings brand Artize.

In Deepika Padukone’s case, her privacy was invaded with the cleavage shot.

The paper received a lot of flak as the point of view was utter rubbish. If Deepika is posing for a magazine cover then it doesn’t mean that her body is up for sale.

At that time TOI was completely wrong in showing a shot of her cleavage and highlighting the part like a cheap eve teaser on streets.

But printed ads where the model has posed for the advertisement is in no way similar to Deepika’s case.

Juhi Chawla even went on to tweet that she would unsubscribe the newspaper:

Well that is her point of view but linking it to Deepika’s case…are we unnecessarily linking the two stories?

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