Imposters And Stalkers On Social Media! Girls, Are You Ready For The Answer?

So, another story of a Bollywood actress doing the rounds who was harassed by a man who posted lewd comments on her picture, saying that she has nice b**bs!

Vishakha Singh (Fukrey fame) gave a strong piece of mind to this pervert and announced boldly “Listen dude, I am not here to take your s**t! You better shove it up your wherever!”

This is an occurrence with a celeb and hence made a noise, and was trending on social media.

But there are many similar events that take place and go unnoticed just because they are happening with regular girls who do not have a voice or a social status to shout it out and create a sound!

Stalkers on social media are becoming a norm where they find it their birthright to harass girls by writing dirty messages to them, or putting cheap comments on their posts!

We know that blocking such offenders is the safest option, but isn’t that escapism too?

Why are girls advised to delete, block or report these demented creatures and not give them back what they deserve? Why shouldn’t they be dealt with and spoken in the language they understand?

One of our associates shared this instance, that happened to her on social media and how she took one of these f***tards in her hands and bashed his spirits out of him!

This is the story along with the screenshot shared by the lady. The identity has not been revealed just to avoid unnecessary attention, on the request of the women only.

She said…

“So I got this friend request from some “Anjali Negi” with a girl’s picture on display. I accepted it because usually I accept female friend requests (I am not a sexist, but it’s good to play safe on social media!)

A few minutes gone and I receive this dirty message in my inbox (screenshot) and surprisingly the display picture was changed to a man.

I am amazed at the fact, what lengths do men go to talk to women on social media???

Fake profiles, fake pictures and what not?

I had to write foul to give him an answer in his language! He of course blocked me the very next moment! (See the screenshot)

And girls beware of female requests too!” 


 Bravo woman!! That’s the answer that should be given to such leeches who try to cross the boundaries and think that social platforms are for some kind of cheap, uncensored adult entertainment!!

But we also need to ask this question to every girl who is attacked by such imposters that:

Are you one of those who would sit in silence, block such filth from coming your way and let it find another door?


You are ready to face them with guts and give it back in their face, just the way they deserve it, to kill the bug there and then?

Answer these questions to yourself and act, every time you face a moron on social media!

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