If You Do These 10 Things, You Are An Awesome Person!


Everyone talks about that one awesome person all the time, and you wonder what makes someone awesome.

But do you know, you don’t really need to work hard to be an awesome person?

Well here we list out 10 things that make you an awesome person, if you practice these.

1.  Make someone smile:

They say give the world the best you can, and the best will come to you! But lets change the word ‘Best’ with ‘Smile’.. It isn’t really tough to make someone’s day and bringing that smile on their face and trust me the pleasure you get seeing someone smile because of you is just priceless. Hey you are beautiful, yeah you the one reading this.. Hope it made you smile. Told you it’s not at all difficult to make someone smile.

2.  Helping others:

One of the most fascinating discovery you would make about yourself would be, how happy it makes you to help others. Help can be in form of anything, you helped someone cross the road, you just offered a poor child some food. Not a big deal for you, right? But it surely can make someone’s day and well it also makes you an awesome person because you are not blind to ignore others grief.

3.  Call your parents more often:

Let’s just admit it, today we have become so busy that sometimes we tend to ignore things that needs most of our attention. How often do you call your parents? Trust me your one phone call which even if last for 1 minute, can actually brighten your parent’s day. This totally stands true, don’t be so busy in growing up that you forget your parents are growing old too. But if you already do this, hey mate you already are an awesome person.

4.  You are a good listener:

In today’s time, the most important thing you can give to someone is your time. Everyone fights their own battles, no one knows about, but if someone is sharing his/her sadness with you, try to listen to them and may be you can guide them through. You just have to listen to them and make them feel like at least there is someone who cares. Isn’t a big deal again, right?

5.  You feel happy for others:

Your colleague just got promoted, and instead of being jealous, you are actually happy for him. You find happiness in others happiness and that makes you special. Not many feel genuinely happy for others, and if you do you already are an awesome person.

6.  You take stand for people:

So you saw your office canteen boy being bullied by your own colleague, and instead of ignoring like most of the other people, you just went up to your colleague smiled and asked him to calm down. It’s just a small example, but doing deeds like this set an example for others too. So remember never bully anyone, rather stand up for bullied. Not that tough, isn’t it?

7.  Charity comes naturally to you:

Charity does not necessarily mean giving money. Giving your time, efforts or just being kind are also forms of charity. The best thing about charity is that, it’s a win-win situation for both the parties, the giver and the taker. So if you are compassionate and if you are always in search of helping others, you have all the making of an awesome person.

8.  You are one self-less soul:

In this world which is full of selfish beings all around, it only takes an awesome person to be one self-less soul. You always believe in adding value to the world, but never expect anything in return- This is one of the traits of not just an awesome person but an amazing human being too.

9.  You know how to express gratitude:

You thank the delivery boy and offer him the tip, when all he did was his job. You just loved the food you ordered, and called the chef right away to appreciate that. Small deeds again but it leaves such a huge impact on someone. Only an awesome person would know this, wink.

10.  Love yourself:

Last but not the least, one most important trait of an awesome person is that he loves himself. Learn loving yourself and that’s when you would know how to love and appreciate others. Learn to appreciate who you are and don’t try to be what you aren’t. Loving oneself is a simple mantra but it makes one’s life easy. So hey Mr/Ms awesome, do you love yourself?

So out of these traits, which one do you have?

If you have all these traits, Paaji tussi sach mein awesome ho!

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