If You Are Doing These 10 Things, You Are About To Lose Your Best Friend!


Friends make life easier!

According to a survey, on an average a friendship lasts only seven years, but obviously there are exceptions to the rule and some last an entire lifetime! It takes a lot to build a friendship, but it can be broken in no time if you’re not careful.

If you want to keep your best friend in your life forever, don’t do the following things, ever!

1) Lying

Let’s accept we all lie at some point or the other for whatever reasons despite being taught since childhood to always say the truth. However, if you want to be with your best friend, lying is a big no-no!

2) Gossiping

Don’t ever gossip about your best friend behind his/her back. If you’re not happy about something they do, talk to them, but don’t make fun of them. You don’t want that happening to you, do you?

3) Sharing Secrets

Secrets are to be held on to and not to be shared! If your friend has shared their secret with you, keep it with you or else say buh-bye to your best friend in no time!

4) Receiving, But Not Giving

The world is a two way street! For any relation to work, a balanced give and take is required. If you are using a friend only to receive favours and gifts and what not without giving back in any manner, it is not possible for friendship to survive!

5) Not Happy For Them

You want your friends to be happy for you when you achieve something or when you have happy days. Same goes for your friend too. If you’re not happy for them during their moments of glory, don’t expect them to keep such negative friends around them.

6) Not Around During Hour of Need

You have to be around your friend when he/she needs you the most. In times of need, misery or sadness, we all seek our friends. If you’re only available to party and have fun, then it is not friendship, but a comfortable acquaintanceship!

7) No Sincerity

Friendship thrives on sincerity guys! Everyone wants a sincere, genuine dependable friend and if you’re not showing these traits, anyone will be able to look through you and then nothing can save your friendship.

8) Not Meeting Frequently

Okay, we all are busy in our lives, but then like everything else, friendship also needs time and commitment. If you’re using social media as your best hangout joint instead of meeting your best friends in real life, then you’re doing something absolutely wrong!

9) Too Much of Negativity

If your persona is negative, that is you live in self-pity and are always negative about almost everything happening in and around your life, trust us, no friend is going to stick around you for a long time. Have positive thoughts and spread positivity to attract people and make your friends die to be with you!

10) Conflicts Without Communication

Every relation has its own share of conflicts and disagreements. What matters is how you resolve them. Communication is the best answer. Instead of sulking and staying angry, just talk to your buddy and resolve matters.

Friends are a gift! Care for them and maintain them and they will make your life fulfilling and full of life!

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